[Press release]: A historic day for Thomas Traversa as he claims second victory in Cold Hawaii


At the start of the week we were asking if one of the previous champions would reign supreme again or if a fifth new champion in five years would be crowned, but as the end of the final day of the 2014 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup approached, everyone was left asking if anyone would be crowned champion at all. 

However, Cold Hawaii somehow produced the goods again, despite the fading hopes - and rapidly fading light - as the wind and waves returned just in the nick of time to see Thomas Traversa claim victory in almost complete darkness. Today goes down as a historic day for both the event, which has now produced a result for five successive years, and of course Traversa, who becomes the first man to win two Cold Hawaii Crowns, having previously claimed his maiden victory on the PWA Wave World Tour here in 2012.

Single Elimination

Winners’ Final

Victor Fernandez came into the event as the current world tour leader and the Spaniard continued his superb form to book his place in the final, alongside Thomas Traversa after the duo defeated Leon Jamaer and Robby Swift, respectively in the semifinals. However, the winners’ final wasn’t just a battle between the last two men standing, but also a fight against time as darkness moved in. Despite the dark, both sailors continued to perform terrifically well, especially considering the extremely challenging conditions on offer. Fernandez ruled in the air as he stomped a tabletop forward, but there was no stopping TT on the wave as he wracked up 9 and 8.25 point waves to claim an emphatic victory. The Frenchman was the standout sailor throughout the day, especially on the wave as he showed unrivalled fluidity and speed to pull of crazy frontside aerials and takas. 

Earlier in the evening Leon Jamaer claimed the biggest scalp of his career, so far, as he took down the two-time world champion - Philip Köster. Jamaer showed superior wave selection, together with big powerful hacks to progress. However, Köster had his chances, but for once couldn’t capitalise, but he was still the only man to land a double forward in the contest. Victory against Köster, secured Jamaer his first place in the top three and the same was true for his teammate Robby Swift, who defeated the reigning world champion, Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne, to secure his maiden finish on the podium in joint third. On his way to third place, Swift landed a sick frontside aerial and was clearly delighted afterwards.

Elsewhere, Graham Ezzy stole victory against Jules Denel with the final wave of the heat in what was an incredibly close fought contest, whilst teammates, Adam Lewis and Alessio Stillrich also enjoyed a tight battle in the first round, but in the end Lewis just edged the duel. Antoine Martin was unlucky in heat 10b as he suffered a broken mast, whilst battling against Philip Köster. When the Frenchman returned to the water, he was underpowered and couldn’t take the potential opening to progress.

The end of a long, but in the end successful day, came shortly before 8:30pm to cap another great week in Cold Hawaii, which once again showed a wide range of conditions. 

Overall Results - 2014 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

1st Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails)
2nd Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC)
3rd Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ulta Fins)
3rd Leon Jamaer (JP / NeilPryde)
5th Alex Mussolini (Tabou / GA Sails)
5th Ricardo Campello (Patrik / Point-7 / MFC)
5th Philip Köster (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)
5th Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC)

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[Press release]: Grounded fishing boat in Cold Hawaii creates problems for World Cup

Photo: Eddie Wagner Photographie

Photo: Eddie Wagner Photographie

There is a fishing boat, grounded, 50 meters from the beach in Klitmøller - right where the world's best wave windsurfers will sail, today, in this year's PWA World Cup in Cold Hawaii. “It's like the boat just got placed, right in the middle of the park”, said event manager, Robert Sand.

A medium sized fishing boat has run aground on the reef, at Ørhage, where the world's 32 best wave windsurfers, this afternoon, will embark on this year's World Cup in Cold Hawaii. The fishing vessel ran aground during the night and is located about 50 meters from the beach.

"It is sitting right where surfers prefer to jump and ride on the waves. So it is an unfortunate and also surprising start to the World Cup week”, remarked, Robert Sand

“It means that there is a fishing boat in the middle of the park! I think we can continue the competition, but it is annoying for surfers to sail around a grounded boat. If nothing else, people will remember the 2014 edition of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup for years, as the place where surfers had to navigate around a fishing boat”, says a positive, Robert.

The alarm went at 04:10 to Coastal Rescue in Hanstholm, which sent a lifeboat and rescued the crew from the cutter. The rescue operation was in close dialogue with the Admiral Danish Fleet, which gave the order that the ship, for environmental and legal reasons, would be towed away tonight. It is supposedly up to the owner and his insurance company when it should happen. The cutter was reportedly on the way from Hanstholm to the south, when it run aground, for unknown reasons.

The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup competition opens today at. 12:30, and the first surfers come on the water at 13:00, if weather conditions permit. Right now, with the wind and waves how they are, it’s a close call.

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Press officer Ole Wejse Svarrer

Event Manager Robert Sand
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[Press release]: Champions gather on Field of Dreams after Cold Hawaii 5 rescued by wave of local support

The world’s best wave windsurfers are only gearing up for the 2014 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in Klitmøller, Denmark from September 15-21 after the kind of stirring local support that is the stuff of windsurfing lore and Hollywood scripts. The world cup event in Klitmøller has always had a touch of the Field of Dreams “build it and he will come” since being started by local windsurfers in 2010, but the past year has seen a cocklewarming rescue and phoenix-like rise.

With four different champions in four years the Cold Hawaii world cup had already established itself as the most exciting and unpredictable event on the tour, even without the drama of the last year.

The competition will doubtless be epic again with a star-studded entry list with the champion, Brazil’s Daniel “Brawzinho” Browne, looking to retain his crown and Philip Köster, Germany’s double world champion wunderkind, who was sensationally beaten in the final last year, looking for revenge.

But the real story is that Cold Hawaii 5 is happening at all. That the 2014 event exists is because of a groundswell of support from the community.

“A fifth anniversary is kind of jubilee, so even for that reason it’s special,” Robert Sand, the Cold Hawaii World Cup event manager, said. “After the first event, back in 2010, there was a lot of talk about whether a small community like ours could make it happen again. We could and we’re still going strong. It makes me extremely proud. This year has been exceptionally tough though. After trying what we thought were all options we did in fact cancel the event. At that time it was a 100% sure that it wasn’t going to happen in 2014. Fortunately, a group of sponsors and a number of local companies saw things differently. With their help we turned things around.”

Increased volunteer support from Klitmøller and the Cold Hawaii coastal region has been underpinned by a three-year agreement with Thisted Forsikring, a local Danish insurance company, and a significant contribution from hy-Mors HF & VUC, a local education body.

Sand, the Danish wave champion 2003-05 and a Klitmøller windsurfer for 25 years, is one of core group who have made this event and sweated blood and tears to save it. Kevin Costner’s Dreams and Waterworld days are behind him now, but what price Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender as the appropriately-named Sand in a forthcoming feature film?

The rescuing of Cold Hawaii 5 is also important to the wider world of windsurfing. “We are ecstatic to be able to announce that the Cold Hawaii World Cup is back on for 2014,” Rich Page, the PWA tour manager, said. “I know that our friends in Denmark have been working tirelessly trying to resuscitate the event and they deserve every recognition for their successful efforts. The event is important, not just for windsurfing and for the pro riders who compete there, but for Klitmøller and Thisted and everyone who enjoys the beaches of the region. With Klitmøller back on the calendar, we are looking forward to a great PWA Wave Tour and are set for some of the most explosive action ever seen.”

Cold Hawaii 5 looks more open than ever with the Spaniard Victor Fernández-López, the 2010 world champion (when he was second in Cold Hawaii) leading the tour after winning in Gran Canaria and coming second in Tenerife. Fernández-López will need little motivation after his shock early exit last year. Jaeger Stone, the Australian rider who is lying 3rd on the tour after two great comeback events, will also be trying to prove he is man enough for Cold Hawaii at his first attempt in Klitmøller.

“Cold Hawaii is known for changing conditions - we have it all and get it all,” Sand said. “There’s no one who has a big advantage over the others here. We may have perfect logo-high peeling waves and cross offshore winds, as we had in 2010, but we can also have onshore really difficult conditions as we had in 2013, or a storm, like we had in 2011. There's something for all types and styles here. I think that's the reason why we have had different winners every year.”

Download image of winner in 2010 (Kauli Seadi) - here
Download image of winner in 2011 (Philip Köster) - here
Download image of winner in 2012 (Thomas Traversa) - here.
Download image of winner in 2013 (Marcilio Browne) - here

In 2014 everyone can have Cold Hawaii dreams.

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Ole Svarre
+45 20 71 64 65

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