With the Sportage we cannot help but go wuuuuu!

When the PWA World Cup came to Denmark in September three years ago, KIA Denmark AS became the title sponsor. Now for the third year in a row this is still the case. For managing director Mogens Lyngsoe the link between windsurfing and the culture surrounding the sport and the KIA brand is obvious: ”The dynamics, the courage, the intensity and the youthful atmosphere that surrounds the sport of windsurfing, reflects many of the same values very strongly felt by the people at KIA.”

Anne-Mette Agerbo Skouborg, PR and marketing coordinator at KIA Denmark AS, points to the green initiatives carried out by the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event organizers as thing that corresponds with KIA’s core values:

"With its determination to create a more eco-friendly event, the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup fits perfectly with our high environmental standards."

For Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event manager, Robert Sand, having KIA Denmark AS on board is essential:

"We are very proud that KIA Denmark AS – now for the third year in a row – has chosen to be the title sponsor of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. The fact that we have found common ground with KIA Denmark AS through everything the sport represents and our green thinking, is immensely important for us."

When asked which car KIA would recommend for a windsurfer, they point to their Sportage. Two of the cars we have during the event are in fact Sportages. Judging by the reaction of the Cold Hawaii personnel who have actually driven the Sportage, it seems like KIA has hit the nail on the head:

"In addition to superior driving dynamics, we cannot help but wuuuuu! whenever we experience the smart key and the smart park assist system," says Jakob Wisnewski, a member of the core Cold Hawaii crew.

In other worlds, the next time you're looking for a new car, consider a KIA.

In addition to the KIA name being part of the title of the surf world cup, the oval KIA logo is visible on all sails, windsurfers’ jerseys, the sponsors’ wall, beach flags, etc. Furthermore, surfers, judges and other officials are all transported in KIA vehicles. During the entire tournament, Kia Import Denmark makes sure that the KIA vehicles are at the center of the event at all times.

Rasmus Johnsen

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