Windsurfing and Cold Hawaii formed our destiny

The KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup tagline is “the most live and interactive event on the circuit”. Live video streaming is a big part of fulfilling that promise. In 2010, local company Streamfactory did the job, and they’re with us again in 2011. We asked them a few questions. 1: What is Streamfactory?

Streamfactory is a collaboration between Noerfilm and STIAN.EU: a combined passion for filming and solving streaming challenges results in our product.

2: What’s your primary value proposition?

Lightweight streaming – we deliver (sports) events that have an audience, but one that’s not big enough to allow them to reach the mainstream media. We’ve covered many such events, including sailing, surfing, cycling, basketball, soccer – just last weekend, we covered terrain shooting.

3: You did the live streaming last year. What will be different this year?

Compared with last year, there will be more cameras, more commentators and generally a better and more streamlined production process. Based on our experience from last year, we have a much clearer understanding of the demands. Besides having a production manager and a technician, we have two more cameraman to help us out, and the gear has been upgraded since last year. We will also work on having a wireless camera to be able to conduct interviews on the beach.

4: Why is live streaming windsurfing important to you?

Well, windsurfing is what brought us here! We have a passion. If we can contribute new ways of sharing insight into what the sport is all about, it would simply be fantastic. On top of that, being a part of a PWA World Cup in Klitmøller just feels right – it’s something we have to do.

5: What makes live streaming windsurfing in Cold Hawaii special to you?

Well, windsurfing and Cold Hawaii formed our destiny.

Stian about Finn: Finn Noer (D1111, better known as ‘the Elvis of windsurfing’) was one of the first surfers to settle in Cold Hawaii. He came from Copenhagen and has been here ever since. He’s an old world cup sailor – he actually did pretty well at some point way, way back.

Finn about Stian: Stian Eide came form Bergen, Norway. He started out as a classic surf-bum, living in his van at Ørhage together with a bunch of Cold Hawaii surfers. He decided to stay, and from there on worked his way up to becoming the chairman of the local windsurfing club and organizers of the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup. He’s the closest you get to being totally assimilated in the local community. Actually, he describes himself as a thybo trapped in a Norwegian body.

5: Pick the best online item ever made about Cold Hawaii.

This one is for Finn – it’s from 2000, November 3rd in Agger, Long John, and what is referred to as Big Friday - that's D1111 aka Finn Noer, yep there was a time ...

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