Tuesday Morning: Wind & Wave Watch

2012 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Day 2

Location: Klitmøller, North West Jutland, Denmark. Wind Direction: South-west Wind Speed: 16-18 knots, gusting 20 Wave size: 2 metres Water temperature: 14 degrees Weather: Mostly cloudy with rain squalls Temperature: 12 degrees Schedule Start: 9am (local time)

The wave sailing action was due to start at 9am in Klitmøller on Tuesday, after an 8pm finish on Monday. The light but prevailing south-westerly, cross shore, wind of 16-18 knots, should be enough for 17-minute heats with the sailors best two wave rides being scored.

With a window of good enough breeze in the morning there is expected to be a winner of the single eliminator contest by 12pm.

“We’re hopeful of there being wind in the squally conditions between bands of rain,” Duncan Coombs, the PWA head judge, said. “We can do it because the wind is south, south-westerly and side shore. It’s the down the line conditions. If it was on shore it would not be an option.”

“The side shore wind allows you to accelerate down the face of the wave when it’s on shore the wind drops in front of the wave.”