Will he do the FX3?

At 2pm the Surf Magazin Super Session at KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup started. The sailors who pulls off the best air move wins an iPad 2, but if a sailor manages to be the first in the world to land a triple loop, he will walk away with all three iPad2's!

There will be two heats in the Surf Magazin super session with nine and ten riders in each heat, so there will definitely be some action for the spectators on the beach and for the viewers online. Each heat is 20 min. long. Will we see the first triple forward ever landed here in Klitmoller? Go watch it LIVE

G44 - Philip Köster
E42 - Victor Fernandez
D38 - Kenneth Danielsen
Bra105 - Marcilio Browne
H24 - Peter Volwater
D36 - Christopher Friis
K516 - Adam Lewis
E41 - Alonso
D43 - Jens Munk
S66 - Andreas Olandersson
V111 - Ricardo Campello
Bra253 - Kauli Seadi
K303 - Phil Horrocks
F41 - Jules Denel
K218 - Jamie Hancock
G208 - Jamaer
E30 - Alex Mussolini
E80 - Casas Garcia
IR69 - Timo Mullen