What to do, on a no wind day - King of KIA competition!

What to do on a no wind day? That’s a question windsurfers all over the world faces regularly. And for the organizers to an event, this is one of the biggest challenges as well. Everyone knows what to do when the wind is blowing hard, and the equipment is moving on the beach, begging to get out on the sea. And though most of us wish it would be windy every day, reality is different. But at KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup no wind doesn’t mean no activity. Actually the opposite is the case, and today was yet another day with action on the beach with riders, spectators and judges entering the ‘King of KIA-competition’.

Photos by: John Carter

Two of the four sponsored KIA-cars were lined up next to the small fishermen’s huts downtown Klitmoller, both with a big rope attached. Now it was up to the participators to drag the cars the fastest from one point to another. The judges had lined up their best man for the competition, Dutchman Thijs van der Meer. Some of the sailors were keen as well, herein; Dario Ojeda, Ricardo Campello, Alex Sanhelly and Daniel Bruch. Also PWA main commentator Roberto Hoffmann had a go, and the main organizers Robert Sand and Rasmus Johnsen, were ready to fight hard to win the iPad 2, which were at stake.

Since the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup is characterized as the most live and interactive event on the circuit, there were, off course, also something for the spectators and online followers, who could not be there to cheer and pull. Yet another sweepstake with an iPad 2 were at stake on the Facebook-site to involve the many fans out there, who instead could follow and be cheering along on the LIVE TV.

The guys were working hard pulling the 1830 kg. heavy KIA-car about 20 meters down the road, and soon the guys got their different techniques to pull the car faster and faster. In the end two guys were left in a face to face final: organizer Rasmus Johnsen against PWA-judge Thijs van der Meer. Everybody was cheering and in the finals Thijs managed to drag the car in the time 20,24 seconds.