Well chaps & chicks, I'm ready to get up and do my thing!

Every great event needs a chief host - us too!! His name is Penguin. Back in 2005 a penguin came to town, based on an international job posting we made. He got off the bus with his surfboard and a little red suitcase, flapped down Ørhagevej to meet us for an interview. We immediately fell for the little guy... and he has been here ever since.

We asked Penguin a couple of questions - here's what he answered.

1: So Penguin are you ready for this year's event?

It's just, it's just ... well, fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing! (Yeah! That's right! Do it!) I want to get into it, man, you know? (Go ahead! Yeah!) Like a, like a sex machine, man, (Yeah!) movin', doin' it, y'know? (Yeah!) Can I count it off? (Okay! Alright!) One, two, three, four!

Sorry guys I just had to - it's how I feel :) Good old James Brown had it going for him ...

2: Will you be around next week?

I'll be around - here and there making sure that everybody is having a good time.

3: Seriously Penguin explain a little bit about your self?

I was born on Elephant Island, Antarctica, where I grew up. I had loving parents and I was surrounded by a lot of good people. This was also where I went to school and later graduated with a degree in Antarctic Culture from the University of Antarctica. It was fine but not enough. I felt the emptiness on the day my mother introduced me to ice-surfing. From that day I was totally hooked on surfing. I wanted to wave surf, but not at a warm place, I mean: I'm a penguin!

4: How did you end up in Klitmøller?

Well, like Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico I'm the kind of guy that likes to explore the World. In 2005 I heard about the Cold Hawaii project in Klitmøller and thought that this could be the best of all places - you know: Cold and perfect for surfing. I applied for a position as chief host for Cold Hawaii and was lucky to be taken on. I've been here ever since and just love it.

5: Why is being the Cold Hawaii chief host so special to you?

It's a great honour - being the main man, (Yeah!) movin', doin' it, y'know here in Cold Hawaii. It makes me feel flippen flappen proud to be representing all my good homies in such great surroundings. Every day I do my best to spread the good vibes from Cold Hawaii to all the guys and girls around the globe.

6: Is Cold Hawaii your destiny?

Hmm, one thing's for sure - wouldn't change this gig and lifestyle for anything! I simply love waking up in the morning and flappin to work, surrounded by WWW (Waves, Wind and Windsurfers). I think I've found my nest here - and I'm not planning on leaving.

There's so many things I love about Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii. First and foremost the surf, cold weather, the people, the beach-life, the fish are not to bad either. I couldn't wish for more ...

7: Don't you miss your family - and how do you keep contact?

Yes!! I miss them all. I've started to crave for some of my mums salt-water jelly fried tuna, but luckily they're coming to visit me soon, so I'll just settle with the thought of that! We use flapbook mainly (I've actually got more friends than my right-hand man, Robert Sand - LOL)... and sometimes a message in a bottle washes up.

8: Please give us a link to what you think is the best online item ever made about Cold Hawaii.

I like this one. It's the last day of last years event. You can really see & feel the guys are so rippin' it and giving Cold Hawaii an awesome high-five, before departing our local spot.

Rasmus Johnsen

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