Wednesday Weather: Wind & Wave Watch

2012 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Weather forecast for Wednesday September 19, 2012

Location: Klitmøller, North West Jutland, Denmark Time of Forecast: Tuesday September 18, 1800 CET (local time) Wind Direction: West-north-west Wind Speed: 22-23 knots, gusting 25-28 Wave size: 2 metres Water temperature: 14 degrees Weather: Mostly cloudy with rain squalls Temperature: 12-13 degrees

The competitors are still waiting to see if there will be enough consistent wind for a late call on Tuesday night, with an hour of wind hoped for this evening. But solid on shore wind is forecast tomorrow. That should ensure that the single elimination is completed.

“It’s on shore tomorrow and I don’t think anyone’s going to like it,” Duncan Coombs, the PWA head judge, said. “It’s unfavourable conditions for everyone and not something that people train for.”