We wanna make Klitmøller the best possible experience for everybody

The KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup will be covered in lots of different ways, among those by our tweetamigos. So who are the tweetamigos?

Well, basically a tweetamigo is a friend who’s on Twitter, a specifically selected and trained Cold Hawaii user, who – using their smartphone – will work as a sensor bringing you KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup behind-the-scenes impressions.

You can follow the tweetamigos on our live page.

We even have a tweetamigo team leader. His name is Jakob @wisnewski. He’s a volunteer and as such one of many who’ll make sure that the event is going to be as good as it gets. We asked @wisnewski some questions about his gig as a tweetamigo.

Image: Mr. @wisnewski

1: What can we expect from you and your tweetamigos?

We will bring you all the small and fun stories that that you normally wouldn’t get. Hopefully we will give the viewers the feeling of being present everywhere at the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup. Who knows, we might bring a little participation to the game. Success for us is when people participate.

To me the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup is everybody – the organizers, PWA, riders, sponsors, the volunteers and the spectators – making the 12–18th in Klitmøller the best possible experience for everyone. Beautiful, eh?

2: Why you are working as a volunteer during the @coldhawaii World Cup?

It’s the biggest surf event in Denmark. Not being a part of it is simply not an option. To me it’s one big party – with the parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday being the icing on the cake ;)

3: Explain a little bit about yourself as a surfer in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii.

My understanding is that the relationship between the locals and the windsurfing community has had what, mildly speaking, can be characterized as a rough start.

That’s not something I’ve experienced in the four years I’ve been traveling to Cold Hawaii. The whole community embraces the surf-culture, which makes all the road trips from Copenhagen worth while. Klitmøller is my second home. I simply love it!

Rasmus Johnsen

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