Klaas Voget G4 - about the Cold Hawaii

On GC our Cold Hawaii reporter (CH) had the chance to ask German sailor Klaas Voget (KV) some questions about the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Afterwards, back in DK, we got some awesome pix of Klaas:

CH: Klaas,  you know what Cold Hawaii is – but have you been there before?

KV: For sure I have been a couple of times to Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller. It is pretty much my training ground, I live in Hamburg and we don’t have really good spots around the town, so I have to drive a little bit - the North of Denmark is probably one of the best areas for wave sailing in the North of Europe. And I go there as often as I can or as often as the wind allows.

CH: Do you plan to go training at Cold Hawaii again before the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event?

KV: I will spend probably from the middle or the end of August and untill the event in Denmark, so yes.

CH: So you’ll be prepared for surfing at the Danish North-West coast?

KV: I am pretty prepared, I think, for the conditions we’re gonna see in the contest. I’ve gone up to Klitmøller for the last 15 years, and I know the conditions there pretty well. I have the equipment for it, so it’s just about the change of the conditions back to the North Sea, but I think I’m gonna adjust quite quickly.

CH: What kind of conditions do you expect in September at Cold Hawaii?

KV: I expect, or at least I hope, for a proper South West storm. When we’re sailing at the Klitmøller point South West is the right wind direction. I hope it’s not going to the North West at least, cause then it would be a bit more onshore. But otherwise I hope I will get my 4.2 out and a small board. Hopefully we’re gonna see some proper 3 to 4 meter Klitmøller waves!

CH: Do you have something new for us, any radical moves?

KV: I have been working hard on an up wind 360, backside 360, in Pozo, so I hope I can do that in Klitmøller as well. I’ve worked on the wave 360 the last couple of years in Klitmøller, so that should be my basic wave move. I also hope I can work a little bit more on the doubles before the event.

CH: Do you have any considerations concerning the Danish weather and the low temperature?

KV: I am not afraid of the Cold Hawaii, I have all the thick wet suits and I ’m used to sailing with shoes, not that I think we’ll need them in September.

CH: Looking at the ranking: who do you think will benefit from the local conditions at Cold Hawaii?

KV: Well, I think the locals will do pretty well. Kenneth Danielsen is one of the best locals there, but I also hope I can do good! For sure in the ranking we’ll see in the moment leading Victor Fernandez and Philip Köster. Those two are really good port tackjumpers and really good in the port tack side onshore as well, and I guess they will be hard to beat. But I hope my kind of local knowledge can do something against this.

CH: Just one more question; Who are your personal favorites among your competitors?

KV: I’ll put my money on Victor Fernandez at the moment. He has been to Cold Hawaii a couple of times with me and he showed really good performance here at Pozo. I think he will do really well in Klitmøller also.

CH: Thanks for participating in this interview. We’re looking forward to see you at the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

KV: Looking forward too!!!