View from the beach

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012, day three, single elimination The wind picked up and on day three the final of the single elimination was completed. Our reporter, Karina Kold, was on Klitmøller beach as Victor Fernandez Lopez and Thomas Traversa went out to work it hard at Cold Hawaii.

Thomas Traversa is smiling excitedly before going into the water, not caring that he was shaking from the cold and feeling a cramp in his right calf. The slim Frenchman from Marseilles just wants to get out in waves of the North Sea and do his very best.

“He's a good all round windsurfer, and he really deserves to be in the final,” Jamie Hancock says at the beach of Klitmøller just before kick off of the final of the single elimination.

Twenty metres to the left Fernandez Lopez, the Spanish sailor, is getting ready with help from his dad and German windsurfer Klaas Voget. “These are the hardest conditions you can get here,” Fernandez Lopez says just before he heads out in to the broken waves.

Fernandez and Voget arrived in Klitmøller at the beginning of September and have been training together. “Victor did the best so far in the whole competition,” Voget says. “He knows this place and he has the right equipment, a freewave board which helps for planing in these onshore conditions.”

Traversa makes two excellent front side turns. “He scores a lot of points in his waves,” Voget says. Then Fernandez Lopez makes a double front loop. “Perfecto! Sí!” his dad says and he and Voget, who the switch into Spanish, such is this multi-lingual tour.

After 15 minutes the heat was over and the judges gave Traversa the best scores: 20.12 points for the heat. Victor Fernandez Lopez gets 18.5 points.

Kauli Seadi, the Brazilian rider, comes down to the beach. He lost to Traversa in the quarter-finals.

“Thomas is an overall good sailor,” Seadi says. “He understands how to read the waves. He's a solid wave rider and confident especially in his frontside turns.”

Traversa's German girlfriend, Sophia Regerbis, is in Klitmøller too, filming and supporting her boyfriend.

“I'm super happy for him,” she says. “We can stop the competition now.” She laughs and has a big smile after getting a winner’s kiss from a stoked Traversa. As winner of the single elimination final at KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012, he must now wait to see who he will face in the double elimination final.

The double elimination finals have already begun. Stay tuned at our LIVE streaming