[Video]: Windsurfers wait for golden wind in Cold Hawaii

Windsurfing’s oldest enemy – a lack of wind – kept the competitors in the clubhouse on day one of the 2013 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA world cup in Klitmøller on Monday. After standing to attention for the visit by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark on Sunday, the unwelcome calm left the big names like Philip Köster, the world champion and Thomas Traversa, The Cold Hawaii 2012 champion mostly horizontal. But there may be gold at the end of the rainbow on Tuesday.

The new 32-man format, reduced from 48 in previous years, has left the competition leaner and meaner. The first three heats of the competition will see 11 ‘trialling’ riders competing for the last six spots in the 32, with the top two in each heat going through to the full competition.

Rasmus Johnsen

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