[Update] Thursday Weather: Wind & Wave Watch

Philip Köster and Thomas Traversa have been put on standby to start the super final which will decide who is the 2012 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup champion. Duncan Coombs, the head judge said the plan is for a long, 20-25 minute, heat in which only two waves and no jumps will count. “After studying the weather pattern for Saturday it looks like the low pressure system could be drifting a little east, it’s unpredictable,” Duncan Coombs, the PWA head judge, said. “We are going to send them out to test and see if it’s possible to sail a long heat with two waves only being counted.”

Thursday Weather Forecast: Wind & Wave Watch

2012 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

Weather forecast for Thursday September 20, 2012

Location: Klitmøller, North West Jutland, Denmark Time of Forecast: Wednesday September 20, 1045 CET (local time) Wind Direction: Westerly Wind Speed: 14-16 knots, gusting 17-19 Wave size: 1.6-2 metres Water temperature: 14 degrees Weather: Sunshine with scattered clouds Temperature: 13 degrees