These DJs will make you surf through the Cold Hawaii night

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup proudly presents the 2012 DJs: Simon Jul, Flowsun and Save a Wave4Dave. Put your party shoes on! This year will be David Thomey Kristensen’s first time as a DJ at KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World, and he is bringing his friend DJ Direct. Together they will play a hybrid of old school and new school electronic music spiced up with hip-hop, reggae and surf guitar.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of the DJ crew that will set the mood musically – and to have the windsurfing elite from all over the world kick it in my backyard,” said DJ Save a Wave4Dave.

David considers himself an easy-going guy who’s happy if a good wave comes his way, therefore the DJ-name: Save a Wave4Dave. He’s originally from Hvide Sande and he has been surfing and DJing for 10 years. Two years ago David and three of his friends decided to move to beautiful Klitmøller, to enjoy life, parties on the beach and the surf.

“The nature here is magnificent, I fall in love with it over and over again,” David said.

The strong community in Klitmøller has also impressed DJ Save a Wave4Dave: “There is an amazing solidarity in Klitmøller. Everybody is so enthusiastic about project Cold Hawaii. No matter what job you have or which country you’re from, everybody can join in the surfing!”

Apart from wave surfing and DJing, David works as a schoolteacher in Thisted.

DJ Flowsun is from Hamburg. He is an open format freestyle DJ who mixes different genres and styles. Every mix is different and created for the moment. “I get influenced by the reactions of the people on the dance floor and they react to my style. It's always an interaction with me, the music and the people. I love to create good vibes with music like rap, soul, funk, disco, boogie, house, dancehall, reggae, dubstep, 2 step, garage... just call it bass beat music.”

DJ Flowsun’s first experience with Cold Hawaii was in 2003 at the Red Bull Soulwave, where he was a DJ. Since then he has been booked as a DJ every year for many of the surf contests that take place in Klitmøller. Apart from Red Bull Soulwave, DJ Flowsun has also been a DJ at NSP Soulfiles and KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

“During that time I got to know many of the locals and I'm always looking forward to meeting them again. I really like the people there because they are very kind and open-minded. Besides, the nature in Cold Hawaii is very beautiful. And from a DJ perspective, the parties in Cold Hawaii are always one of the best and craziest in any year,” said DJ Flowsun, Florian Felker.

DJ Flowsun has a special reason for wanting windy weather and big waves. “I hope there will be great weather conditions again during the whole event. Maybe all the heats will be finished on Saturday, so that everyone will be ready for partying that night and won’t be concerned about the day after,” said DJ Flowsun.

Simon Jul is a longstanding friend of Cold Hawaii and we are honored to have him with us again this year. He will be the DJ on Friday night, September 21. This summer Simon Jul has spent a lot of time in Cold Hawaii and he has produced live radio as the radio host of “Halløj i Betalingsringen” for the Danish Radio24syv.