The magic Cold Hawaiian golden shine

Windsurfing and images are inextricably linked. Behind every good photo is a good photographer. One of them is Markus Adrian. In 2010, Markus was in Klitmøller, where he gave us his experience of an unforgettable event. Markus will also be part of the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup in 2011 when he once again will give his perspective on the event. We asked Markus a few questions:

1: Why is photographing windsurfing special to you?

In general windsurfing is just the best sport in the world: it combines dynamics, style, action and thrills. As a windsurf photographer I can kill two birds with one stone: I have the opportunity to live my passion for photography and at the same time feel the action and fun on the water.

2: What makes photographing windsurfing in Cold Hawaii special to you?

Cold Hawaii has some of the best windsurf spots in the world. Very good waves with strong winds in combination with an awesome landscape and friendly people. What else do you want?

It´s the atmosphere. Nobody is in a hurry, the people are relaxed and there are so many good vibes. For me as a photographer Cold Hawaii has an amazing light and the weather just has a thousand faces, that makes it a pleasure to take pictures in Cold Hawaii.

3: What is your favourite picture from last year’s event?

I have one picture. It was shot during the KIA PWA Cold Hawaii World Cup in 2010. Ricardo Campello and Kauli Seadi sitting together after their final in the single elimination. Both were exhausted. The low sun gives the whole setup this magic Cold Hawaiian golden shine. They were surrounded by everyone just celebrating the heroes of this awesome final.

Rasmus Johnsen

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