The Cold Hawaiian Big Sexy Pictures

For the second year in a row, BSP Media GmbH will be bringing us the most amazing podcasts from the 2011 KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup. Not only do these guys know how to produce and present spectacular images, they also have a particular affinity with Cold Hawaii and the atmosphere that makes this place so special. We asked the guys some questions, and here are their answers. 1: What is Big Sexy Pictures? 

We are a media company from Hamburg, specializing in young and fun issues, mainly to do with water sports. Our “product range”, if you want to call it that, extends from event production and an online agency to video and TV production. A project that encompasses the full range of our capabilities was the Red Bull Storm Chase. Event logistics, online campaign, media production including TV production and a DVD at the end of it – that’s pretty much what we love doing.

2: Why is filming windsurfing special to you?

We are true windsurfing enthusiasts – and so are many of our friends, too. The reason why we started the company is that we were fascinated about filming this great sport. Our roots are clearly in video production in windsurfing. The first video was a windsurfing/surfing movie in the nineties, filmed in north Germany and Denmark. Video has been growing a lot in recent years, so we’ve been doing more and more video work. Often it’s connected to water issues, such as Red Bull Cliff Diving in Germany, for example. Another example is a video campaign about a “wet look” hair moisturizer that we’ve just finished. So the connection to water is not always 100% there in all of our projects…! Filming windsurfing is our passion and a challenge at the same time. And due to constant development in the camera sector – just think of the GoPro cams – there are still thousands of great waves and new angles to be filmed in the future!

3: What makes filming windsurfing in Cold Hawaii special to you?

We’ve been filming and traveling pretty much all over Europe’s windsurfing spots. But at least every second visit has been to this area. If you film windsurfing in the Canaries or in Portugal, you will always get quite similar pictures; but here in Cold Hawaii you’ll experience variety that you’ll hardly ever find anywhere else. From typical north sea conditions to surprising offshore beauties and raging storms; sunshine and rain; rainbows and snow… we’ve seen and filmed in hundreds of different conditions here at one of the many great spots. Another huge advantage is that if you come here in the summer, you have looooong days, up to 20 hours. So even if you have to work, there is plenty of time in between for some solid sessions in the water.

For the 2011 KIA @coldhawaii World Cup, we are really keen to capture some nice images of the jet skiing. BSP Media has been hosting the Red Bull Sea-Doo since early summer, so we’ve had some good practice. The forecast looks great, so we really hope to score some good stuff in the waves.

4: What do you like most about coming to Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii?

To be honest, it’s the chilled and relaxed atmosphere up here, combined with great surfing and windsurfing conditions. We very much enjoy being here in the off season with very few people around. Klitmøller has been our one and only weekend trip destination for many years. Renting a house close to the beach, going surfing and windsurfing a lot, and enjoying the surroundings with family and friends – it’s simple and great!

5: Can you give us a link to what you think is the best film you’ve ever made in Cold Hawaii?

That’s easy! The best video session was definitely November 1st, 2006. Mads Bjorna and Robert Sand were facing 100% gnarly conditions during the Red Bull Storm Chase: snow, huge waves and gusts of up to 70kn+ – the heaviest conditions we’ve ever featured in a video. Hopefully we’ll return one day and push the limit even further.

Rasmus Johnsen

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