Stream Factory - Live Streaming and the crew behind it!

The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup tagline is: “The most interactive and sustainable event on the circuit”. When it comes to interactive, then Live Streaming, to 1000’s of Worldwide viewers, every day, is a huge part of the event. Since the competition started, back in 2010, local company, Streamfactory, have been our Live Stream specialist. And 2013 sees them return for more action... to give YOU more action.I met up with, Stian Eide, one of the partners involved in Streamfactory.

What is Streamfactory and how did it start?

Streamfactory was started-up by myself (Stian) and my good friend, Finn Noer, here in Klitmøller. We do Live Streaming of sport events, and also pre-production (videos, commercials, etc…) to be used within the Live Streaming. It all started because of our combined interest in surfing, and video, photography & network technology. Streamfactory is basically a combination of our interests and hobbies. The 1st live streaming we did was in 2008, at the Danish Surf Championships, held in Vorupør and Lyngby- here on the Cold Hawaii coast. And from then on we decided to give it a go, and we’ve improved and expanded ever since.

This is the 4th year you've been involved with the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. What's new for this year, in terms of the Live Streaming? And what sort of challenges do you expect to come up against?

This year we will be using a new Live Streaming server, that will make the experience, for the viewer, much better - especially on tablets & smartphones. We're really looking forward to presenting it, this year. Everyone will notice the difference. There’s always challenges, whenever you’re Live Streaming… and especially in Klitmøller! The strong winds and the possibility of rain - both coming in from the west - make it quite a challenge, in itself, when filming from the beach.

You guys cover a bunch of different events. What is the most difficult one for you to Live Stream?

We cover road cycling, sailing, windsurfing and triathlons, amongst others - and the most difficult, that we have experienced, is cycling. Covering 180kms, or more, of road cycling, and making sure we have a constant, strong signal to send from, is a real challenge. Also, sitting on a motorbike all day long… that can start to hurt in some places!

Streamfactory is based in the heart of Klitmøller. What is your connection with the area? And why Klitmøller?

We both live here with our families, and have our work here. The reason we both moved here, back in the mid 90’s was because of the good windsurfing in Klitmøller, and the surrounding area. Even though Klitmøller is quite far from the hub of Denmark, having our work here does not, in any means, prevent us from working nationally and internationally. If anything, Klitmøller gives us a great base to come back to, and work from. Oh, and surf from!

Who will be the commentators in the Live Streaming studio, this year?

This year we are really looking forward to working with a couple of well known guys, in the Live Streaming studio. Ben Proffitt, who is a pro windsurfer on the PWA tour, and an experienced commentator when it comes to Live Streaming from the PWA World Cups around the globe, and especially Cold Hawaii. And joining him is the Dane, Mikkel Asmussen, who is also a pro windsurfer, and someone who knows the Klitmøller conditions like the back of his hand! It’s going to be fun working with them. And I’m sure the Live Stream viewers will not be short of action and laughs, from the studio :)

Thanks, Stian. Can’t wait to catch the event, via the Live Streaming, from Monday 16th Sept. Aloha!

What Stian says about Finn:

Finn Noer (D1111, better known as ‘the Elvis of windsurfing’) was one of the first surfers to settle in Cold Hawaii. He came from Copenhagen and has been here ever since. He’s an old World Cup sailor – he actually did pretty well at some point... way, way back.

What Finn says about Stian:

Stian Eide came from Bergen, Norway. He started out as a classic surf-bum, living in his van at Ørhage together with a bunch of Cold Hawaii surfers. He decided to stay, and from there on worked his way up to becoming the chairman of the local windsurfing and surf club, and the organizers of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. He’s the closest you get to being totally assimilated in the local community. Actually, he describes himself as a Thybo (local) trapped in a Norwegian body.