Spending time with the stars

On Sunday seven young aspiring surfers had a very special experience, when one of the best in the sport – the danish Kenneth Danielsen – shared some of his best tips and advices. During the warm-up weekend, leading up to the PWA World Cup in Klitmøller, a group of juniors got the opportunity to get really close to the stars, when Cold Hawaii arranged ”Pro for a Day” for young surfers with the best placed dane Kenneth Danielsen

The seven juniors met with Kenneth Danielsen at the beach at 12 o'clock, where the danish surfer showed and shared his tips on how to rig sails and board. Amongst other things Kenneth Danielsen explained why he uses four fins on the board. Also the youngsters had the opportunity to asks the danish star questions.

”But they didn't have many questions. I think they were more eager to get to surf, than to stand around and listen to me,” says Kenneth Danielsen, who also joined the youngsters out on the water

On the water Kenneth Danielsen payed close attention to the sailing of the youngster, so that he could give them personal advices on how to be even better at surfing.

”And they were also interested in hearing how to make buttom turns, top turns and those kinds of things,” explains Kenneth Danielsen, who, despite of a hectic schedule before the start of the world cup, didn't mind spending time with the young surfers.

”I think it's nice to lend a helping hand, when the young ones are going out into the water. It's quite uplifting to spend time with the youngsters who are so eager. I tend to forget how it all felt in the beginning. But I do remember thinking it was cool, when some of the more experienced took the time to guide the young ones. And I also think it's great to be able to give something back to the community.”

After riding the waves for approximatly an hour the group of youngsters and Kenenth Danielsen joined up in the equipmenttent at the beach in Klitmøller, where some of the foreign stars, such as Klaas Voget and the champion of 2010, Victor Fernandez also gave the youngsters more tips and good advices. In the equipmenttent the youngsters could also meet many of the stars of the world cup, who gladly gave out autographs to the young protégés.

After spending about an hour in the tent the day ended with a guided tour of the area, where the young surfers received some information of the events during the world cup in Cold Hawaii. As a memory of the day the young windsurfers where given an official KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup poster.