Sebastian Kornum sovereign in the Cold Hawaii Long Distance Race

The Cold Hawaii Long Distance Race is over. The windsurfer D-24 Sebastian Kornum was first (JP, Niel Pryde), second was kitesurfer Timo Sander (WestWind Bork, PLASMA) and third was kitesurfer Jan Alstrup (Nautic Surf & Ski). This was the kind of race where nobody was ever in doubt who was going to win. Sebastian Kornum, who was in a class by himself, came blasting up the coast passing a gaping audience only 17 minutes after the start in North Vorupør, 20 kilometers south of Klitmøller.

With wind speeds of 12–15 m/s and waves 3–5 m high the conditions were tough but never the less perfect. With two jet skis on the water following the sailors, or in the case of Sebastian Kornum trying to, safety was in no doubt.

This is the first year that the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup has had warm-up events, which hopefully will evolve into a tradition.

The next warm-up event on the water is the Cold Hawaii Sup Race tomorrow at 14:00 ...

Rasmus Johnsen

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