Robert Sand - on the day he made history

Surfers in Klitmøller used to be seen as black sheep by the local community. They had a reputation of contributing very little to the local economy while giving locals headaches when rigging their sails in people’s gardens, partying in the open air till morning hours or sneaking in to wash rooms of local camp sites to secretly rinse their wet suits. For that reason today’s handshake between KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup project manager Robert Sand and Chairman Jørgen Baatz of the local fisherman’s organization “KLF 66” is a remarkable event.

Jørgen Baatz (left) and Robert Sand (right) - and yes that's a handshake.

Members of KL 66 have offered their support to the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event in September as local fishermen will organize parking during the event.

"I am happy that organizations from the local community now support the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup to the extent that they have offered to work with us" says Robert Sand.

"To me this is recognition from locals here in Klitmøller. They acknowledge that surfers have settled here end now contribute to the village. Surfers are buying, renovating and building houses here and are sending their kids to school. This have brought new life to Klitmøller."

Rasmus Johnsen

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