Quotes of the day, 2013 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA world cup, day 2

“I had a cramps in my arm at the end of last trial and very strong ones in the first heat of the competition but I got two big waves and I’m very very happy. The whole (trial) system was a little bit hectic for me. I had two heats cancelled but at the end it went really well so I’m super happy. From now on it will be even more difficult so if I can continue I will be even more happy if I don’t it’s still good. I came here from Gran Canaria and I hoped to make it through the trials, but I did not expect this at all.”

“I liked the conditions, there was light wind and good waves from a good direction so it was perfect for me.”

“I didn’t really have strategy just to have fun and catch some good waves and I succeeded in that.”

Moritz Mauch, Germany, winner, heat 1

Lars Gobisch, Germany, qualifier, second place, heat 1

“It’s my last year of competition in my career because I’ve got four kids and it’s a bit exhausting – I’ll let the younger guys play now. I thought the waves were really good. The third heat was better for me, I got a good aerial. I shouldn’t swim so much though. My family and four kids are here and my 7-year-old boy was very proud, it matters more to him than to me I think.”

Chris Friis, Denmark, losing trialist, heat 1

“It did not go very well. The wind was very difficult because it was on and off all the time. I started upwind and that was OK but you couldn’t stay there, once you caught one wave you ended up downwind and you couldn’t get back from there, it’s very difficult to compete in this weather.”

Albert Pijoan, Spain, winner, heat 2

“I flew here from Barcelona together with my friend (the Spanish photographer) Jose Piña. It was complicated conditions I got one proper wave, I couldn’t get upwind. But I’m so happy.

“It wouldn’t be fair to criticise the trial system because that’s the game but it’s so annoying to be on hold waiting for announcement every 15 minutes. It’s 4 o’clock and I didn’t even have lunch yet! I think it’s good once you’re in the PWA (tour) because it improves the level. But when you are outside of it it’s quite tricky. I will try my best in the main competition and hopefully there will be more power in the wind.”

Fabian Weber, Germany, losing trialist, heat 2

“I’m not happy with my performance, I was not in the right mood, this happens. I am disappointed about myself. I travelled 1300km from Munich. I’m going to get drunk with Mick Kleingarn because he also lost (in the third trial heat).”

Peter Volwater, Holland, winner heat 3

“The strategy was to win because otherwise you get Philip (Köster) in the first round and nobody wants that. It’s been a long day, wind swirling around but in the end we got the trials done.”

Mick Kleingarn, Germany, losing trialist, heat 3

“I’ve never surfed in these conditions before. I’ve been here five times but I’m more used to sideshore. I did my practice in Tenerife and the conditions there are completely different, the wind there is strong. I practiced a lot of jumps and today it was wave riding. I was waiting a lot, yesterday I was five or six hours in wet wetsuit.”

Victor Fernandez Lopez, Spain

“The conditions were nicer this morning I thought, I was ready though, I was in competition mode. With this forecast the judges have to try so I’m fine with that. But I’m in the first competing heat when we start again. Moritz impressed me the most today.”

Marcilio Browne, Brazil, winner, round one

“I’m really happy with my choice of equipment, since the wind dropped at the end of the heat. The heat started a little bit windier, it was hard to pick the waves, I struggled to find them. To be honest Danny (Bruch) was my favourite but Moritz was ripping and he is a very good wave rider - which is what it was all about today.”

Rasmus Johnsen

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