Quotes of the Day

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in Klitmøller, Wednesday September 19, 2012 Philip Köster, double elimination winner after confirming his second consecutive PWA world title in the semi-final:

On winning his world title:

“I’m so stoked, I feel so good, I had a great year first Pozo, then Tenerife and now Cold Hawaii.”

"It's amazing. Can't be better. I haven't got words for it."

"I had two first places (in Pozo and Tenerife). Here it's cross onshore. It's like a lottery, you never know what to expect. Against Campello, Traversa, Fernandez it's pretty hard, they were sailing good."

On strategy:

"On the water you have to stay calm and just do what the conditions offer you. If you see the other guy jump or wave ride a lot, you have to think about it. But I don’t have a strategy, I’m not really thinking about it. I don’t know.”

"Normally I try to get a good jump in the beginning of the heat but here in Klitmøller you never know. You just have to go with what the conditions offer you."

On gear:

"I started off with a 5.0 sail and a 87 litre board with three finns. In the heat against Traversa I broke my board when I was landing a double loop forward. I went to the beach and got a 82 litre board from my dad. Well, broken boards, that happens."

On adrenalin keeping him going on the charge in the double elimination:

"I didn't feel tired, I just had so much adrenalin."

On his competitors:

"They all did good. It was close."

On how he found out he was the World Champion:

"When I came in from the heat, (Robby) Swift told me while he was filming: 'You're World Champion." He shouted it to me. I'll celebrate with my family, that's what I do."

On waiting during the day:

"I woke up at 6am and got to the beach at 7am so it was a long wait, but then I got to watch the conditions - and I also got a bit nervous."

On the judge's decision not to run the last heat against Traversa tonight:

"I think it was the right decision since it was hard to see out there by the end."

On whether he will motivated for the super final with Traversa despite already having his second consecutive world title.

"I still wan't to win it. I'll give it 100%."

Thomas Traversa, winner of the single elimination final and super finalist:

On the judge’s decision on his double forward:

“I thought I landed the jump so I was not looking for another one. (He was only scored 3.19 for his double forward)."

On waiting for the double elimination final:

"I think it was an advantage for me to wait during day and than to climb the ranking. I prefer to wait rather than fight. I am still really happy with the day and looking forward to the final."

Victor Fernandez Lopez, third place

On his third place:

"I'm really happy for my third place here again (he was third in 2011). Conditions were really though. After finishing this morning I went home and watched the last heats on the livestream."

On gear and strategy:

"I started on a 5 metre sail and a 85 litre board with three fins - because it's fast and good for jumping. After getting my double forward I changed to a 4.7m sail and 96l board and dedicated the end of the heat to wave riding."

On the conditions:

"Tough. It was a bit better in the evening. less cross onshore. It was close, I had a chance to win and that gives me motivation."

Ricardo Campello, fourth place, after losing to Köster:

On being up against Köster:

"Why does he always have to do the 360 against me?"

On watching the live streaming of Fernandez vs. Köster in the clubhouse:

"I wish I had a joystick."

On cheering out loud for Fernandez:

"I would like Victor to win the event because he sails really good and if he wins it will be more interesting in Sylt."

on gear:

"Against Köster today I had a 5.0 sail and a 93 liter board with four finns." Reaction to Thomas Traversa’s victory in the single elimination round.

Thomas Traversa, single elimination winner.

On dealing with the tough onshore conditions:

“This is the best result of my career, last year I finished fourth. I beat Philip (Köster), I beat Victor (Fernandez Lopez).”

“The conditions were fine for me, there was wind, there were waves that’s OK and last year was kind of similar and I had my best result ever.”

On his wave strategy:

“I was careful to let two or three big waves go through to it was nice and clean for me to see where to be.”

On how he beat Köster:

“I just tried to stick with my strategy and tried to choose the good waves and not get panicked.”

On his late jump against Fernandez Lopez:

“I stayed relaxed, I knew the wave riding was the most important so I concentrated on that. With the jump it only makes a two or three point difference. I was glad it was only one jump (counted by the judges) for the final, jumping is my weak point. Then I got the backloop, I was so happy.”

On his gear selection:

“I used 4m sail in the final and a 65 litre board.”

Sophia Regerbis, Traversa’s girlfriend

On her boyfriend’s victory:

“I'm super happy for him. We can stop the competition now.”

Victor Fernandez Lopez, single elimination final runner-up

On Traversa:

“I’ve known him since I was 16. He is a year or two younger than me and came to where I live in Almeria and he was good then.”

“He’s always been good in the free sailing but in the last couple of years he’s been concentrating more in the competitions.”

On his sailing today:

“The final was close, but Thomas did great. It was hard out there, but I have been training here for the last two weeks, so I was ready. I was really happy I was able to make some doubles earlier.

On keeping in the competition area (Kauli Seadi and Klaas Voget were not scored for wave riders judged to be outside).

“That happened to me two years ago in the final against Kauli so I already knew about it here.”

On his gear selection:

“I had a 4.5metre sail with a freewave 85 litre board.”

Ricardo Campello, winner of the single elimination loser’s final

On facing Philip Köster in the loser’s final:

“Damn, I’m in the loser’s final and I’m facing Philip Köster.”

On the onshore conditions:

“Those are the toughest conditions I’ve ever faced.”

On beating Köster:

“He’s down there (below him on the podium) for once. I beat him in the single elimination before and then he beat me twice in the double elimination so we’ll see.”

Philip Köster, loser of the single elimination loser’s final

On Traversa:

“That was the toughest conditions I have sailed in. I’m surprised by Thomas because I’ve never seen him in these conditions. It was so difficult, I couldn’t see where to be on the waves.”

Kauli Seadi, 2010 Cold Hawaii champion and single elimination quarter-finalist

On Traversa:

“Thomas is an overall good sailor. He understands how to read the waves. He's a solid wave rider and confident especially in his frontside turns.”

On his quarter-final defeat:

“I was struggling to get the ramps the judges didn’t score my last wave, I feel that was unfair.”

Klaas Voget, single elimination quarter-finalist

On his quarter-final:

“I had two good waves in my heat and if they had scored those properly I would have won. They didn’t score them both because they said I was out of the competition area. I had one big backside air and a couple of frontside turns on one wave that would have scored around a seven and a couple of frontsides that would have been 5.5.”

“After that I focused on finding a jump, but they scored my other waves of 2.5 and 3. It’s pretty frustrating because I think I would have had a good chance against Philip.”

On Traversa:

“I’m surprised he beat Philip but I’m not surprised by his performance. He’s good in all conditions and he’s fearless on the wave, he always goes for the lip.”