[Questionnaire]: Fill out and be part of the draw for a holiday stay in Klitmøller

In and around the area of Cold Hawaii so many amazing projects are carried through with an outset in the surfing community. At the moment the network Cold Hawaii Starfish is reviewing the possibility of establishing a co-working space open for visitors in Klitmøller supported by LAG Thy-Mors and the Municipality of Thisted. In order to do so, they need more information. Starfish will be thankful if you take 8 minutes of your time to fill out their questionnaire. Your interest and support will be acknowledged with the chance to win a holiday stay in Klitmøller!

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From Cold Hawaii Starfish: We want to make a coworking space in Klitmøller. Are you one of those nature-loving, surf-passionate or beach-bums travellers, who flow in and out of the area of Klitmøller every year, please take 8 minutes to fill out our questionnaire. We thank you with one lot in the draw to win a holiday stay sponsored by Feriepartner Thy.

Rasmus Johnsen

I am a philosopher and possess knowledge of new media, that allows people to effectively communicate and organize themselves into systems that are designed to support and profit from collective preferences, intelligence, and talent. I am an entrepreneur and I have several years of experience in managing innovation projects. I have worked with politicians and elected officials, public administration employees, for-profit companies, and NGOs.