Professional windsurfers go fishing in Cold Hawaii – live!

Friday saw a world premiere of streaming a fishing competition live with professional windsurfers and local fishermen from Klitmøller. Take two colourful fishing boats, four professional windsurfers and a local fisherman in each boat, add some long antennas, hi-tech equipment, a film crew and the North Sea. What do you get? A world premiere of streaming a fishing competition live.

The winning team was the boat to catch the most fish. It was a task that turned out more difficult than the windsurfers had expected.

In the red wooden boat, Alex Mussolini (Spain) and Adam Lewis (Britain) teamed up with local fisherman Kurt Johansen, a leisure fisherman who moved to Klitmøller 18 years ago. Johansen Influence on their level of fishing success would not be small.

In the light blue boat, the two Germans, Florian Jung and Daniel Bruch, teamed up with local fisherman Peter Sand, a fifth generation-Klitmøller fisherman and father of Robert Sand, project manager for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. His son, three-year-old Levin Sand is seventh generation.

The two boats spent a sunny afternoon on the North Sea in the company of film crews from the livestreaming crew StreamFactory and the German BSP Media production team, who make the daily videos from the world cup.

“We caught ten mackerel and we won,” Mussolini said proudly after coming back on land. “We had the best skipper,” Lewis added. “We were looking around and didn’t find anything for ages but then our skipper said: ‘I know a good spot’ and once we stopped there was straightaway some action on the hooks. It was good team work.”

Bruch and Jung didn’t get any fish on their hooks, but Peter Sand took them out to pick up a net full of crabs and even a lobster. So even though the German sailors didn’t win this competition they were still thrilled at being able to bring home some fresh seafood that they then helped prepare on the beach. “We are going to have a big fish party tonight in our summer house,” Bruch said with a big smile on his sun-tanned face.

Livestream commentator Mikkel Asmussen also joined the windsurfers and reported live from the North Sea. “We had some difficulties with the sound but with a little help from two cell phones we managed. For me personally it was a nice to finally go on a local fisherman’s boat after having been coming here for almost 30 years. I was surprised that Peter Sand, had already claimed, within the first 30 seconds, that we were not going to catch anything because the water was too warm. He was right, but luckily we caught a nice lobster.”

Streaming live fishing, how is that even possible you might be wondering? Stian Eide, co-founder of StreamFactory explains: “We have developed some special radio links because we have been covering dingy sailing since the beginning of StreamFactory in 2008. Over the years we have established the technical solutions that allow us to get a good quality signal as far as six kilometres off shore. I decided it would be fun to do live fishing because we never did that before.”

Quotes from the fishing windsurfers:

“I only went fishing one time before with my grandfather on a river in Argentina. I caught one, small fish back then. I was really happy to be asked to come on this fishing trip. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do here. It was really nice and I’m happy my team won. We really wanted to beat the other guys – but honestly we were lucky.” Alex Mussolini, currently ranking no. 3 in the PWA Wave.

“This was a really cool experience. I’ve only done a bit of fishing before in Tenerife and Sweden. Whenever I come to Klitmøller and see all the fishing boats right next to the competing area this is something I’ve really wanted to experience. While we’re all waiting for the wind I enjoyed getting out on the water doing something different. It was cool to be involved in the original reason of why the town is here.“ Adam Lewis, currently ranking no. 9 in the PWA Wave.

“It was really interesting. I’ve never done crab fishing with a net before. At home (in Tenerife) we also go crab fishing but we catch them with our hands between the rocks. The crabs here are a different type than the ones in Tenerife and I know they are delicious.” Daniel Bruch, also currently ranking no. 9 in the PWA Wave.

“This was something different for sure. I never did anything like this before. Unfortunately we lost because we didn’t catch any fish - but we did pick up a fishing net full of crabs and even a lobster. Peter Sand taught us lots about the ocean and showed us the best spots for fishing.” Florian Jung, currently ranking no. 13 in the PWA Wave.

See images from the fishing competitions.