New KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup website is live

September 17th to 23rd 2012 the 48 best windsurfers in the world once again visit Cold Hawaii to compete for the world championship points. Tune in to the new KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup website when Köster & Co. go for broke in the North Sea waves of Cold Hawaii. This is where you can keep up with pretty much everything that happens in the run-up to, and during, the event.

Don’t forget to:

  • Buy ‘early-bird’ food and banquet tickets. For example, DKr 150 buys you all of the following: dinner in the Boathouse (the DKr 90 menu includes BBQ chop with salad, potatoes, cream or tomato sauce and homemade bread); access to the party tent on Friday (DKr 50); and breakfast in the Boathouse on Saturday (DKr 70). That's a total value of DKr 210.
  • Join the Friends of Cold Hawaii Exclusive Club. We’ll need your support as we get underway with the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.
  • Sign up for our newsletter (left side in the news section). This is how you can continually keep up with what’s happening, and during the event it will include a day-to-day schedule.
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We look forward to a great event - with all of you.

Note: If you're a receiver of our newsletter and already received this message we apologize. We moved to another system, which might have been the cause. It will not happen again :)

Rasmus Johnsen

I am a philosopher and possess knowledge of new media, that allows people to effectively communicate and organize themselves into systems that are designed to support and profit from collective preferences, intelligence, and talent. I am an entrepreneur and I have several years of experience in managing innovation projects. I have worked with politicians and elected officials, public administration employees, for-profit companies, and NGOs.