KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup 2012 will focus on sustainability

Together with Thisted  Municipality - through the project The Green Thread - the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will implement a number of sustainable initiatives, all designed to involve local businesses and partners in making the event more sustainable. The project is funded by North Denmark Region, the Regional Development Sector. The sustainability aspect of the event will give participating businesses and suppliers an opportunity to meet the sustainability requirements and develop their products in a greener direction.

Right now the people behind the Cold Hawaii sustainability initiative are working on four themes. These will make the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012 more friendly to our environment, through:

  1. Sustainable Waste
  2. Sustainable Transportation
  3. Sustainable Information Material
  4. Sustainable Tableware

The Sustainable Event intends to expand the sustainable initiatives in the coming years.

We believe that when the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup promotes business based on their desire to create a sustainable event, it will contribute to networking, sharing knowledge, skills and awareness of the region as a place with a focus on sustainable development in tourism and innovation.

“In 2012, the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is taking steps towards sustainable development, by re-thinking the way we run the event. We strive to act by the principle: ‘Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy’. During the World Cup, nature and waves are the surfers’ playground and we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our event and hope it will raise sustainability awareness for the surfers, audience, employees, volunteers, locals and business partners,” said sustainability manager, Ane Cæcilie Scheel.

More information will follow!

We are looking forward to a sustainable 2012 event, September 17–23.