KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will indeed be live

Once again, you will be able to follow KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup live, right here on the Internet! All you need to do is press play. Thanks to the (local) people behind Stream Factory, you will be able to watch the windsurfers throw their best tricks in Cold Hawaii from you couch, your office, a warm café, cozy bed, or wherever you are in the world. You can watch the streaming live or at any time later when it suits your mood. Here's the setup:

  • Two cameras placed on the beach accompanied by commentary par excellence will bring all the action on the ocean.
  • Commentators on the beach will catch the riders as they jump out of the water and share their immediate impressions of the surf.
  • Key riders will be interviewed in “Sailors Lounge". Remember: part of this will be you asking the questions through the live chat - you write, we pass it on.

“We’ll also do some pre-interviews with top windsurfers such as Philip Köster and Victor Fernández about their expectations of the event and hear how they have been practicing,” says Finn Noer, producer from Stream Factory.

Finn Noer and Stian Eide (they met windsurfing, in case you were wondering) have become specialists in filming sporting events and competitions held in water.

“We received really nice feedback last year. This year, we’ll try hard to improve the image quality,” Finn Noer said.

The live streaming from KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2011 had over 2oo,000 views.