Kenneth Danielsen - Interview with the local hero!

KENNETH DANIELSEN INTERVIEW - PRE WORLD CUP 2013 Hi buddy! Can you give us some basic info about yourself. Bits n’ bobs and tags...

Full name: Kenneth Danielsen Date and place of birth: 31st May 1984 - Aalborg, Denmark Favourite spot: Klitmøller... of course! Preferred tack to sail: Port Favourite gear type (board - single, quad, etc...): My Simmer blacktips and my F2 Barracuda quad boards Favourite windsurf athletes: Jason Polakow Favourite non-windsurf athletes: Kelly Slater (surf) and Rich Froning (cross-fit) Other hobbies/interests: Crossfit and surfing Sponsors: Simmer, F2, PLASMASkishop, Chocofins,,

Congrats on sitting at the 13th spot, on the PWA rankings... so far. How's the season been for you, up until now?

The season been quite good so far. I was in Cape Town this winter, to train, and we had a really good season there. Then I went to be a part of the Red Bull Stormchase, in Ireland, in February, which was a really cool and an extreme experience. Then I was in Denmark during the Spring and now I just came back from the two first World Cup stops of the year, in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Unfortunately we didn't have any wind on Gran Canaria, which is really unusual. On Tenerife, on the other hand, we had wind everyday and the contest was really good.

You've probably heard this question a dozen times before, but how did it all start for you?

I started when I was 12 years old, with my dad and younger brother. My dad had been windsurfing for a few years and he was never talking about anything else... so thought I would give it a go and I've been hooked ever since!

Did you always want to become a professional windsurfer?

Well... I always dreamt of being a pro, but it’s never something I was thinking that much about when I was younger. I just went sailing for the pure love of windsurfing. Then when I got older and kept on improving, I finally realized one day, that I might be good enough to compete on the world tour

Where is home for you? And how much time do you spend there?

I am currently living in Aalborg, but I go to Klitmøller whenever there is a bit of wind, and in between I’ve been in Cape Town, Ireland, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. So I haven't spent so much time at home.

Klitmøller must be a special place for you. What is special about it (windsurfing and non-windsurfing)?

Klitmøller is basically where I learnt to wave sail, and I’ve been living there (when I haven't been travelling) for almost 10 years - so for sure, Klitmøller is a really special place for me. Windsurfing wise - it’s one of the best places in the world in my opinion, and the town itself also has a really special vibe, that I haven't found anywhere else in the world.

What are your favourite spots in Denmark and the on the Cold Hawaii coast?

The Reef in Klitmøller & Hanstholm. And Agger, further south... but that spot only works a few times a year.

What spots are your favourite, outside of Denmark?

I really like south Africa and I have a few favorite spots down there.

Any spots you've never been to, that are on your wish-list?

I would love to go to Indonesia one day. The waves look sick there.

Which move are you currently trying to master?

I'm trying to improve my front side wave 360's so I can do them more consistent.

Do you have any core techniques for training, and what do you think is the best form of training?

When windsurfing I try to focus on the moves I have to improve and I try to keep it at one or two moves at a time. But it all depends on the conditions as well. But sometimes I also just go free sailing without any plan of what to do. For me windsurfing is something that is really fun to to do, and if you only sail to "train" you sometimes lose your motivation. So I think it have to be a balance. When I'm not windsurfing normally do a lot of strength training. This year I started doing crossfit which I got completely hooked on. It’s fucking hard and you get in really good shape. I also do a bit of surfing sometimes.

What are your goals, for this season (personal and competitive)?

Well, I still haven't finished in the top 10 overall, so that is still my goal. In 2011 I finished 11'th so would be nice to finally drop into the top 10.

When you're not competing, where is your favourite place to hang-out, and with who?

I love to just hang out in Klitmøller where a lot of my friends live. I normally stay with my mates Martin or Martin (yes there are 2 of them) when I'm in Klitmøller. When I'm in Aalborg I spend a lot of time in the Crossfit box. It's a really good way to keep you in shape and there is a bunch of really cool guys there, who I train with. I also love to hang out and train with my brother when I'm in Aalborg.

You are sponsored by a few windsurf companies, especially the local surf and clothing brand from Klitmøller, PLASMA. How is that working out?

It works out perfect. I have been with PLASMA from the very beginning and it been great to see how the brand has evolved during the years. Robert Sand who is both the founder and owner of the brand is one of my best mates, and seeing how much work and devotion he puts into it, its really cool to see the brand succeed and being a part of that is a great feeling.

Most people probably think you have a dream lifestyle (sun, sea, travel...) But what are the negatives of being a pro-windsurfer?

Well, being a pro windsurfer is a great job, but of course it also have it’s down sides. When you are away from home a lot it also means you miss out of a lot of stuff with your family, friends and so on. But I really love what I’m doing and I try to enjoy every minute of it, because I know someday it will all be over.

You got any film projects coming up?

Yes! I have a small movie from the event in Tenerife coming up very soon.

Some fun stuff...

You've got quite a selection of tattoos on your body. Where do you get them done? And any plans for more?

I have all my tattoos done in Cape Town by the same guy. He is really good and I always get them done just before I go back to Denmark, so I know I can stay out of the water for a few days. I don't have any specific plans for any new ones, but I definitely have thought about getting more.

What 3 words best describe you?

Big, strong and hungry.

Do you have a good phrase/saying that you live by?

Keep trying.

Who would you like to sit next to, on a super, super long haul flight?

Someone small.

What website do you visited most often? 


Which is your favourite app on your phone?


You got your headphones on and you're warming up for the next heat. What tune is playing in your headphones?

Actually, I normally never listen to music before my heats, because it somehow makes me more stressful. I just do my warm up routine, and try to stay focused.

Well, there's going to be a lot of focus on you, at this year's event... So here’s wishing you good luck, at the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, on your home-ground, in Klitmøller!

Thanks for your time, Kenneth :)

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