Interview with Robert Sand: Build-up to the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2013

1. You are the Project Manager for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, and you have been since it started, 4 years ago. What are/have been your biggest challenges in arranging this year's event, and how have you conquered them? Some aspects of preparing, running and finishing the event are now a matter of just getting it done, because we have done it a few times before. However, we are of course trying to improve on all aspects of the event, every year, and have also changed quite a few things from the first event, till now. I would say the biggest challenge I have every year is to find the necessary funds to run the event. It is like climbing a mountain, and this year has been no exception. Fortunately, we have a successful event and a great team of people working on the project, which makes attracting businesses, that wish to support the event, possible.

2. This year, we have a patron to the event HRH, Crown Prince Frederik. How do you expect this to effect the event and what does it mean for Cold Hawaii?

Yes, we are super excited about HRH, Crown Prince Frederik becoming the patron for the event. And obviously this means a great deal for us in terms of recognition for all the effort that goes into Cold Hawaii. For us who work with the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup it means that the event will get even more attention than before, and we are super happy to have HRH, Crown Prince Frederik "on board".

3. Each year the event gets bigger and better. What are you looking forward to most, with this year's event, and what's going to be different?

We have few new things we are introducing - one of them is a riders lounge which will be great for the competitors for in between their heats. I am really looking forward to watching all the action unfold and see the competitors in jumps of up to 10 meters above the roaring North Sea! But most of all I am looking forward to seeing the "event machine" run, and see a lot of familiar faces, be it either crew members, volunteers or competitors. It´s become almost like a big annual family reunion, of the Cold Hawaii family.

4. For the 2nd year now, you have worked in close cooperation with the local union, Friends of Cold Hawaii and KLF66 (Klitmøller Fishermen Union). How does that function, and how's it working out, this year?

I am working for Friends of Cold Hawaii and initiate the cooperation between the local fishermen, KLF66, and the surf club, NASA. The cooperation is working very well. We fortunately have a really skilled person, Johanne Vibe Kristensen, coordinating the efforts, and it has been working out great. It is really important for us to work together with some of the other associations in the area, to everybody’s benefit.

5. I've always seen myself as a bit of a King Penguin. And now we've got a Prince onboard! You reckon that we can get along together, us 2?

I have not met HRH highness yet, but heard he is a real sportsman, who likes action... just like you. So I am sure you will get along great!

6. Organising an event such as the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup must take some time and energy. Do you still find time to go windsurfing out there, on the Cold Hawaii coast?

It takes a lot of time, energy and focus to do what I do, yes. I still find time to get on the water to windsurf and surf... otherwise I would not do it. I work to live - not the other way around. Of course there are times when you have to postpone a session to another day. Fortunately for me, I live right in Klitmøller and have easy access to wind and surf every day - so I always find a way of getting in the water... somehow ;)

Thanks, Robert. Nice hangin’ out with you. See you at the big event, in a couple of weeks!!