Interview with Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Project Manager Robert Sand

Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup caught up with project manager Robert Sand to get a briefing about the event status, here is what he had to say about the coming PWA event in Klitmøller.

CHPWC: So the PWA windsurf world tour is finally coming to Klitmøller, how did this come about?

RS: Basically it´s the work of some really dedicated grass roots here in the local surf club and of course also through the support of the Thisted Municipality, Sport Event Denmark and LAG ( development funds from the EU). Add to that all the businesses that are signing sponsorship contracts at this time and that is the mix that makes out the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. I have been working on this for the past 6 months and am trying to make it all work out in the end.

CHPWC: How many spectators do you expect?

RS:It is difficult to say, since it will be the biggest event ever held in Klitmøller. I expect to see several thousands of spectators, Klitmøller will be packed during the week.

CHPWC: Why is Cold Hawaii a good place for having this event?

RS: Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii is abundant with great spots for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. We have good swell coming in from the North Atlantic and often strong winds along with it. September is a perfect time for having the event, the water is still warm and the strong low pressures are coming in one after another.

CHPWC: Who do you expect will be turning up?

RS: Basically everybody who wants to have a shot at the world title and wishes to compete at a radical wave event. Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez and Robby Swift have all written to me about arriving early to train, so I think we will see a few of the guys arriving already in August. And then of course we will have the local hotshots such as Lars Petersen and Kenneth Danielsen. We have a total of 4 wildcards to distribute, so I expect 4 danes to take part.

CHPWC: Where will it all be happening?

RS: The event arena will be at Ørhage in Klitmøller, this will be where everything will be happening basically, except for the big parties, which we expect to take place at bunkers beach. All competion will take place at the reef at Ørhage in Klitmøller, no matter what wind direction it is.

CHPWC: So why have you decided to make it a stationary event and not mobile, so you can move to for example Hanstholm if the conditions are better there?

RS: The decision to keep everything in Klitmøller has been made from the point of view that, this is how we want to present the sport, Klitmøller and give value to the sponsors who put up a lot of money to make this event happen. Arranging an event like this is much different to doing a national level event, with maybe a hundred people or so involved. The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will attract thousands of spectators who want to experience the atmosphere and see the action. Moving everything around depending on wind, is a massive logistic job, and even so you cannot bring everything with you. In Klitmøller we can make a great setup for sailors, spectators, the press, the industry members, the PWA and everybody else involved. In Hanstholm we can present a dusty carpark, with some portable toilets where people are getting sandblasted.

Sure on some days the conditions may be better in Hanstholm, but moving around is impossible. I have probably logged more hours on the reef than anybody else, so I know it quite well and the reef works in almost all wind directions except straight offshore, so I am sure the best windsurfers in the world will put on a show, which will blow minds.

CHPWC: So what about the parties, are you expecting people to go to bed early or will it be a week for the nightcrawlers as well?

RS: The party programme will definetely keep people up untill the early hours. We are still working on what acts who will be performing, but it will be worth coming to Klitmøller for the parties alone!

CHPWC: You have been competing on the tour yourself for many years, will you also take part in the event?

RS: It depends on how things go up untill the event, if I have had time to practise enough, then maybe yes, I will need a wildcard and there will be plenty of guys good trying to get one of those.

CHPWC: Last question, if you just can´t make it to the event, what do you do then?

RS: The best solution is to stay connected via we will constantly be sending out info and you can watch all the action LIVE as it happens on our tv station. I recommend everybody to join us on facebook and twitter to get the latest info, interviews, gossip and action. Join us now and recommend all your friends to do the same!

CHPWC: Thanks for the interview, pls stay tuned to to get the latest on the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2010.