[Interview]: I'm a penguin - chill, reggae, folk and the soundtrack to Happy Feet

Have you heard about Penguin? He’s a local surf dude penguin and chief host for Cold Hawaii. Read what he’s been up to since last year and what he’s planning for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012. Hi Penguin, how are you doing? “Hi! I'm doing good. It's been a great year here in Klitmøller. Lots going on. Summer was buzzing with surfers, parties and TV shows. Now the autumn season is here, and the wind has picked-up, so there's a lot of windsurfers in town – it's great. I've been surfing most days, and the muscles on my flippers are really coming along nicely! We've got the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup coming up next week, so there's a real good vibe in the area. The organizers and I are busy putting the final touches together, and it's gonna be huge this year. I can't wait. It's also a little colder, these days, just what a penguin likes!”

How did a penguin from Antarctica like you end up in Klitmøller? “I wanted to surf waves, but not somewhere warm, I mean: I'm a penguin! In 2005 I heard about the Cold Hawaii project in Klitmøller and thought it would be the best place. It was the ‘cold’ not the ‘Hawaii’ that attracted me. I applied to be chief host for Cold Hawaii and was lucky to be accepted. I've been here ever since and just love it.”

What's best about Cold Hawaii? “That's easy. It's cold. There's surfing. Very cool people. And no other flapping penguins to steal my waves. What makes this place unique are the characters – folks from every corner of the globe. And then you've got the Cold Hawaii winters! Cold, long, dark... but with the sickest waves, man. I connect with this area, because it really connects with me.”

What have you been up to since the last KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup? “Well, I've been surfing...a lot. It's been a super year for waves, right from just after the 2011 World Cup. Actually tried snowboarding for the first time last winter! Great sport. Really cold. As always, I got back home for Christmas. The festive holidays are a big thing for us penguins. The annual Winter Ice-Surfing Championships are great fun. I've also been keeping my fans up to date with the goings on and happenings in Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii. The action never stops here. It's all year round. And of course there's been a lot of planning and work leading up to the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. This is our third World Cup here, and this year (as always) we've got a great team behind the event. Robert Sand is the main man behind the event. And boy, does he pull his weight. Great guy, great vision, great windsurfer. I still teach him a few tricks on the water, when he needs them – though he probably wouldn't admit it.”

What do you think about the new focus on sustainability? “To be honest, I'm a penguin and don't know too much about this stuff. Saving energy to me, is eating a lot of fish in the autumn, getting fat and chilling out all winter, ha ha ha… But seriously – I think it's excellent. And great thinking too, from the Cold Hawaii team! If we can pull off an event like this, and save energy AND help the environment... AND raise awareness of green energy, then I think it's job well done!”

Do you have a favorite surf song? “Well, I haven't really got a favorite surf song. I love a whole bunch of music – chill, reggae, folk and the soundtrack to Happy Feet! If I'm going for a cruise on my longboard, then it's something chilled. Like, Leonard Cohen's ‘Tacoma Trailer’ – my mum's favorite, so it brings me down to earth. And if the water's really pumping, then nothing gets me moving like ‘One (I wanna know your name)’ by Swedish House Mafia – hell YEAH!”

A week to the kick off, what are your plans for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012? “I'm planning to bring everyone the best and hugest event. The most interactive and live event on the PWA circuit. The biggest smiles and coolest vibes from Klitmøller. And of course I will bring you the best windsurfers from around the world! This year we’re also going to have the Penguin Bay – a kids and parents chill-out corner at the info desk. There'll also be competitions for the youngsters. So bring the whole family. Basically, what I've got planned is the best event to hit the Cold Hawaii coast ever. Oh, and I plan to eat a lot of fish that week, too.”