[Interview]: PLASMA is all about Klitmøller

For the third year in a row PLASMA is a "presented by" sponsor of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. We asked Robert Sand, owner of PLASMA and project manager of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, a few questions. What kind of company is PLASMA? PLASMA is a small fashion brand. We started out in 2006 and we are also involved in other events. We have a small and tight team of riders, who we think personally and professionally fit perfectly with our brand vision. In addition to selling products in Denmark we sell PLASMA products in Germany and Austria.

How is PLASMA related to Klitmøller? PLASMA was founded and is still run right here in Klitmøller. I was born and raised in Klitmøller and my family has lived here for over three generations. So in my bones, I'm really connected to Klitmøller. Being interested in creating a fashion brand, it just seemed obvious to me to try to connect it to this place. Several of our team riders are from Klitmøller, including Casper Steinfath and Christian Andersen, and as Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii connoisseurs will notice, pretty much every aspect of our new PLASMA catalog is made in Klitmøller. We used local models. The pictures were shot by Claus Høyner, who is a regular here in Klitmøller. Our creative director is Troels Schwarz, who lives in Klitmøller. So as you can see, PLASMA is all about Klitmøller.

How is PLASMA related to Cold Hawaii? Well, Klitmøller is an important part of Cold Hawaii. The latter is getting a lot of attention at the moment, not least thanks to the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, which I'm also a part of. PLASMA, Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii are related in a myriad of ways. It's fun to see how other brands are trying to form relationships with Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii. That doesn't change the fact that you get the real deal from PLASMA.

What is it that makes PLASMA clothes unique? With PLASMA we aim for a casual style that suits the Klitmøller surf environment. We create products suitable for before and after surfing in Klitmøller and similar places. Our sweatshirts, for example, have a higher neck than most other brands, making them warmer when the wind blows – as it often does in places like Klitmøller.

How is PLASMA involved in the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup? PLASMA gives Lycra shirts to the competitors as well as T-shirts and sweatshirts to all the wonderful volunteers, who help to make things happen here in Klitmøller. In addition, PLASMA sponsors prizes for some of the side events taking place during the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

How do you manage to be both project manager for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup and also a "presented by" sponsor of the event? I would not call myself a CEO. I think you need at least a business card to be able to call yourself a CEO :-) The challenge of wearing more than one hat is finding the time to focus thoroughly enough on both tasks in a way that will not only get the jobs done but also make everyone satisfied. It is a really big responsibility being project manager for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. There are so many things that need to fit to make a perfect event and a lot of them require my attention. At the same time, PLASMA needs my attention. As people in the business know, producing and selling clothes is a relatively complex operation. So it is a challenge but that's also a part of what makes it exciting :-)

Where will PLASMA be in five years? Well it's hard to say; hopefully the brand and the business will grow. The plan is not for PLASMA to be visible and buyable everywhere – we mainly make clothes for surfers and sell it primarily at places where the surfers are. We are currently in the process of exploring the possibilities for making some of the best wetsuits for the conditions we have here in Klitmøller – all year round.

Rasmus Johnsen

Cowork Klitmøller, 84 Ørhagevej, Thisted, 7700, Denmark

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