[Images]: Impressions day 3, KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

Another legendary day in Klitmøller Cold Hawaii is in the can. After 11-hours of action, Philip Köster, for the second year in a row, was named world champion in windsurfing wave performance. The fact that we have found a world champion does not mean that it's over. Rather, it means that Philip, at this stage in the 2012 PWA World Cup, is so sovereign that no one, no matter what happens here in Klitmøller and on Sylt, can beat him. To decide who wins in Klitmøller, we still need to do the last heat of the double elimination between Philip Köster and Thomas Traversa. It looks as if we will hold the final on Saturday. If Phlip Köster wins, he'll be the overall winner in Klitmøller; if Traversa wins, he'll leave Klitmøller as the winner. In all humility, we note that Klitmøller delivers - these are for you ...

Rasmus Johnsen

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