Groundbreaking new communication platform for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

The team behind KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is pleased to announce a groundbreaking new communication platform. Check our media-guide:

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Nb.: No matter if it’s windy or not, expect a week of total action in Klitmøller. In case the competition is on standby, there will be lots of other cool coverage from KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

The world’s best windsurfers will be competing for world cup points in the waves of Cold Hawaii in less than a week. The stars of windsurfing are making their appearance in the small fishing village, which will explode with action from September 13 till 19th.

Much work and creativity has gone into the process of creating a new way of making windsurfing more attractive to the public. The result is the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA Mashup.

A part of this innovative world cup coverage it is possibe to watch the competition LIVE. Added to this is the completely new score board system, showing you the results online right after each heat.

You can chat and tweet and be a part of the event online, podcast daily highlights and follow our tweetamigos. The latter are mobile journalists who are equipped with smart phones following behind-the-scene action of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

4 days to show time - and the clock is ticking.....