Friends of Cold Hawaii. What's it all about? - interview with Finn Jorsal

For the 2nd year in a row the association, Friends of Cold Hawaii (FoCH) are the organizers behind the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. I met-up with Finn Jorsal, to learn more about FoCH, and to find out more about the man who sits in the driving seat! 1. Could you please tell us a little about yourself, Finn...

For 20 years (from 1993) I have been headmaster of the Thisted Gymnasium & HF-Kursus i Thisted. When I retired from that job I was asked to join the board of, Friends of Cold Hawaii (FoCH), and in January 2013 I was elected President (as they call it) of the association. Since then I have spent a lot of time raising money, establish new contacts – and to trying to get HRH Crown Prince Frederik as patron for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. When I’m not working for FoCH, I write books, just now I’m in collaboration with a well-known Danish author, Bent Haller, who until recently lived in Thisted.

2. What is Friends of Cold Hawaii? And how did it all come about?

Friends of Cold Hawaii is an association whose primary purpose is to organize the annual PWA World Cups, in Klitmøller. FoCH was established in August 2012 in order to create a professional organization to deal with all the different aspects of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

3. This is the 2nd year that Friends of Cold Hawaii (FoCH) have been responsible for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. How did FoCH get involved and what exactly is the associations role, within the event?

FOCH got involved and was made responsible for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup for the first time in 2012, to relieve NASA (the local surfers association) of a lot of bureaucratic tasks, which have to be undertaken to organize the event. This is what FOCH is responsible for. NASA is now taking care of the many social elements during the competition week, such as the cafe and the parties.

4. This year we are excited to welcome HRH Crown Prince Frederik, as patron to the event. This is his 2nd time visiting Klitmøller! He must be somewhat impressed with what's going on up here. What does it mean for FoCH to be associated with Prince Frederik?

We are very proud and honoured that HRH Crown Prince Frederik accepted our invitation to be patron to the annual Cold Hawaii PWA World Cups, and we are happy that he also wanted to come to Klitmøller for a 2nd time, after having inaugurated the Hummerhuset (Surf Club and BFN house) in 2011. It is very important for us to have him as the patron in relation to our sponsors and the official authorities which support us.

5. The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is not the only event held in Klitmøller or the Cold Hawaii region, throughout the year. Do you think FoCH will be arranging and supporting other events, in the future?

When we, after this year’s PWA World Cup, do a thorough evaluation of the event, we will also discuss if we are going to take-on new initiatives, to fortify FoCH and the organizing of the annual World Cup.

6. Well, the big event starts in a few days. Will you be hanging-out in Klitmøller on business or pleasure, during the week of the World Cup?

From Sunday the 15th (when the Crown Prince is our guest) and all the time until Sunday the 22th I will stay in Klitmøller and attend what is going on, doing what is necessary for FoCH… and just hanging out? :)

7. And, just for the fun of it!... Who do you think will take the "Cold Hawaii crown" home with them, this year?

I am no expert of windsurfing and wave performance, but I have heard that Philip Köster is sailing very good this year, and I am sure that he will try to do his best to win in Klitmøller.

That has certainly made me all the wiser. And with that new info and update about Friends of Cold Hawaii, and you - then I wish you good luck and good wind.

Thanks, Finn.