Friends of Cold Hawaii — the “Why” and “How-to” Guide

Whether you’re an individual, a local business, or a company, you can contribute to and support the Cold Hawaii World Cup and its development. An annual membership for an individual costs €20. Companies can become corporate members of the Friends of Cold Hawaii for the annual cost of €670. “The idea was to create an association with the specific purpose of running the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. For the last two years, the surf club NASA has managed the World Cup, but it has many other activities it is already involved with. We wanted to create an organization that was dedicated solely to the World Cup, and that’s how Friends of Cold Hawaii began,” says Robert Sand, project manager, Friends of Cold Hawaii.

To date, the Friends of Cold Hawaii has more than thirty corporate members and aims to reach one-hundred by next year. To join the Friends of Cold Hawaii, simply register or contact Robert Sand for further information.

You might be wondering what you have to gain by joining. Two things, answers Robert Sand:

“One, you will be supporting the existence of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, and two, you will help promote a strong image for this area - which will benefit the local businesses and the people living in or visiting Cold Hawaii.”

Company members are invited to networking events such as the opening of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012 Hospitality Event on September 17 and a social gathering in October or November with food, drinks, and interesting discussions.

Friends of Cold Hawaii is a business club that influences the development of the Northwest corner of Denmark.

“The region in which Cold Hawaii takes place will be promoted as an excellent location to surf as well as branded as an interesting area in which to vacation, work or live. Apart from being one of the best Nordic surf destinations, it’s also an amazing place to go golfing, hiking, fishing, and numerous other outdoor activities,” says Robert Sand.

Joining the Friends of Cold Hawaii supports the branding of Cold Hawaii as a hot spot for surf, the beautiful outdoors, and a friendly atmosphere.

“It’s important for us to gain more members so we can gather the necessary funding for the PWA World Cup event and because the number of members in the association Friends of Cold Hawaii sends a clear message to politicians that this area must be further developed,” Robert Sand said.

As an individual member of the Friends of Cold Hawaii, you will be supporting a fantastic annual event in the heart of Northern Europe’s center for wave surfing. You’ll have access to offers from our partners, special promotions during the event, and will be able to participate in members’ only competitions featuring terrific prizes.

These companies have already become Friends of Cold Hawaii: KIA Motors, City Lift A/S Red Bull Sparekassen Thy, Feriepartner, SPAR Klitmøller, Thisted Dagblad, Gripsign, Klitmøller Bageri, Revision Limfjord, Westwind Klitmøller, Dolle, Thisted Gymnasium, Royal Danish Fish, Visit Thy, Jyske Bank Thisted, EUC Nordvest, VUC thisted. UCN, Aalborg Universitet, Hanstholm Fiskeriforening, Hanstholm Havn, PLASMA, Streamfactory, Superschwarz, Klitmøller Autoservice, Sjørring maskinfabrik, Ceste Træ Thisted, Thisted Bryghus, Murermester Poul Bak, Jacobsen Pharma.