Eat, save money and support the local grommets

We would really like you, your friends and your family to join us in Klitmøller when, in a very short time and for the third year in a row, we will kick off the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. When you do, instead of starving come and visit the Cold Hawaii Café, where delicious food will be served all week long.

Buying one of our early-bird offers now or before September 15 will save you money and you will also be helping the local surf club, which is supported by the cafe.

Knowing how many customers to expect makes it easier to plan how much food is needed. This means enough food is made for everyone and there will be less waste.

Moreover, you will be supporting the local surf club and, more specifically, helping the grommets. You see, all profits from both the café and the parties will be donated to them.

So it's all good – go for it!

Buy early bird offer:

Rasmus Johnsen

I am a philosopher and possess knowledge of new media, that allows people to effectively communicate and organize themselves into systems that are designed to support and profit from collective preferences, intelligence, and talent. I am an entrepreneur and I have several years of experience in managing innovation projects. I have worked with politicians and elected officials, public administration employees, for-profit companies, and NGOs.