Daily Schedule: Day 1, Monday the 13th of September

12.30 - 12.45: Opening Ceremony (live)13.00 - 13.15: Skippers meeting and PWA briefing (live) 13.15 - 13.30: Interview (live) 15.00 - 15.15: Midday Interview (Focus: Equipment) (live) 18.00 - 18.15: Interview (live)

Follow the 2010 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup live on: http://vps.incendium.dk/~coldhawa/live-mashup/

Media guide for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup website/

Event guide for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup website

Use: #coldhawaii AND #tv, on twitter to ask questions during the live streaming of the races or chat live on the mashup.

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