Daily schedule: Day 5, KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup

Another day blessed with wind here in Cold Hawaii! This was the perfect day to continue the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup with a Super Session. There were many cool manoeuvres out at sea and again, Richardo Campello showed his abilities! #1 Ricardo Campello

#2 Philip Köster

#3 Victor Fernandez

Tomorrow it's time for some Stand Up Paddle Battle!! It's a open session with a maximum of 16 competitors; 10 riders and 6 locals. Three iPod Nanno's up for grabs.

14:00: LIVE: First possible start, SUP competition

17:00: LIVE: We've got the world famous windsurfing photographer, John Carter, the creator of Minds Wide Open, Andre Paskowski, and the man behind the cameras used for the famous @coldhawaii PWA Cold Hawaii podcasts, Florian Gebbert, in the studio. They'll explain some of their work and thoughts when they try to communicate the core essence of windsurfing (and Cold Hawaii).

Stay tuned during the day, as there also will be live interviews with the best SUB sailors after the competition.

Things to remember Weather conditions must be taken into consideration. That’s why this schedule is provisional. There will always be something to experience. In case of no wind, we have planned a series of side-events, follow our website and Twitter. You can subscribe via email to a detailed daily schedule for our live coverage (will be published every evening).