Daily schedule: Day 2, KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup

Wazzup! What a day... And what a day we have in store! We are starting early tomorrow to get the most out of the perfect weather conditions!

7:30: Skippers meeting

7:45: LIVE: Morning interview

8:00: LIVE: First possible start

The single round will be settled first, then there will be a break at late lunch, and after that the double elimination round will take place.

Depending on when the “end of day“ is called, there will be some live post interview/daily highlights.

Things to remember Weather conditions must be taken into consideration. That’s why this schedule is provisional. There will always be something to experience. In the case of no wind we have planned a series of side-events, follow our website and Twitter (#whazzup). You can subscribe via email to a detailed daily schedule for our live coverage (will be published every evening).