[Daily LIVE schedule]: Day 6 - KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2013

10:00: Tune in for live streaming
10:00: Skippers meeting KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup
10:30: First possible start

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See the elimination ladder: http://bit.ly/14WJXsm

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Win great prizes: Presented by HF Cold Hawaii - an education on the waves. Q: What is the numberplate of Ben Proffitt's van? Prize: Qne week holiday, staying at Vigsø Holiday Centre, in the Cold Hawaii region.

Weather forecast: World cup weather forecast: Duncan Coombs, PWA head judge: “Over the course of today the forecast for Sunday is now looking good with up to 40-knot gusts. Cold Hawaii is going to light up. We should see some high-quality jumping. What started on Tuesday as a down the line wave riding competition looks like it’s going to finish as side-onshore jumping competition and a strong one with a south-west wind veering north west and increasing. There is potential for competition late on Saturday but Sunday has much more solid conditions."

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