Cold Hawaii Warm-Up SUP Success

The local 19-year-old Casper Steinfath won the Warm-Up Weekend SUP race. Tomorrow, the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup begins! “Five, four, three, two, one – go!” race director Allan Borch Madsen shouted and the 11 young competitors (two of them local girls) and the German grand old man, Thomas Wendt, ran from the beach south of the NASA Clubhouse towards the North Sea, jumped on their boards, stood up and paddled forcefully towards the first mark in the reef where the waves break.

In the first heat, Casper Steinfath had a convincing lead. “He has a great physique and knows how to read the sea to make the board ride a wave and gain energy from the ocean,” said race director Allan Borch Madsen.

The three best surfers from the two heats continued to the final. Initially the six finalists were close together but after the turn Casper Steinfath caught the waves the best and was clearly the winner.

“The waves were challenging and I had to concentrate a lot not to fall over. I knew it was going to depend on who got the first wave back in and luckily I got it so that I won over my roommate and my brother, who also did very well,” said a happy first prize winner Casper Steinfath, who has spent his whole life in Klitmøller.

For his first place, Casper Steinfath won a GoPro Surf Edition camera. “I'm really looking forward to playing with it over the next few days,” Casper Steinfath said.

In second place was 16-year-old Oliver Hartkopp, and in third place 16-year-old Peter Steinfeth. They won bags from Dakine and a Surprise Bag from PLASMA.

“The final heat took about eight minutes. Everybody gave their best but by the end Casper showed his strength. He has the technique and was in front of the others,” said the race director.

On the beach live commentator Roberto explained to the audience what was going on and guided newcomers in the rules of SUP. Both Casper Steinfath and Allan Borch Madsen mentioned the great atmosphere in the crowd. “Especially when the finalists ran the 10–15 meters with their equipment towards the finishing line,” said Allan Borch Madsen.

The race director was very pleased with the Weekend Warm-Up SUP race: “It was a perfect day. We had great conditions. Everyone could join in and the three top places had to give their best. The young people showed great fighting spirit.”