"Cold Hawaii is the greatest I've ever experienced"

Those were the words of the 17-year-old German, Philip Köster, after he was officially crowned as the winner of the Danish World Cup section of wave surfing performance. The competition was held in Cold Hawaii – more specifically, Klitmoller on the West Coast in Thy. Photos by: John Carter

There is more than one reason why this is big news. Philip Köster can call himself the youngest world champion ever. This was already a reality late in the afternoon on Wednesday September 12th after 45 of the world’s leading sailors in windsurfing of wave performance finished the double elimination in the 2011 KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup.

The World Championship title was awarded to Philip Köster after the finals, in which he had beaten the nearly 10 years older Venezuelan, Ricardo Campello with a total score of 38.5 – the by far highest score in the competition.

Before that, the young Köster had waved all competitors off the court in superior style. This occurred in circumstances described by all as the most extreme in the PWA World Cup for many years. Cold Hawaii showed its teeth with a wind, which at times was over 20 meters per second (40 knots ), and breaking waves of up to 6 meters. Nothing, however, could scare this kid, who was born in Hamburg but grew up on Gran Canaria.

"Cold Hawaii fits my style perfectly. I did what I felt like out there, and it was fun. It was tricky conditions, but the day of the finals we had such a good day. I found every wave out there, and could just jump when I wanted. Cold Hawaii is a really great place and I would also come here to train. It’s perfect here." said Philip Köster immediately after the victory ceremony. He is described by his competitors as the biggest windsurfing talent the world has ever seen. Most agree that with his incredible skills, he will set new standards in windsurfing wave performance in general.

The fact that Philip Köster can now call himself world champion is special. The last section of the Word Cup has not yet been settled. It takes place later this month on the island of Sylt in northern Germany. However, Philip Köster has won all competitions and now also the competition in Klitmoller, making him untouchable in 2011.

“The event in Cold Hawaii is one of the most intense and weather wise extreme in World Cup history," says Richard Page, tour manager for the PWA. "We've been through it all. We have crowned Philip Köster as world champion and even the youngest ever. We thought at one point that we had lost the Danish Lars Petersen, when he had lost his equipment and was finally found after 20 minutes of intense searching. At one point we actually considered canceling the day's races, because the conditions were so extreme. Generally it's just unbelievable that we here in Denmark, and now for the second year in a row, have had something close to the best of circumstances we can wish for. Congratulations to Klitmoller, Cold Hawaii and Denmark."

"It's great that Northern Europe can offer these kinds of conditions. Denmark has a gem with Cold Hawaii. It's already big, but it truly has the potential to become the absolute center of windsurfing in the entire Northern European region," says project manager Robert Sand. And with over 30 world cups on his resemae, the former World Cup windsurfer Robert Sand knows what he is talking about.

The West Coast in Thisted, better known as Cold Hawaii, has once again been host to a stop on the PWA (Professional Windsurfer Association) World Tour, where the "Reef" in Klitmoller is the only stop on the tour in Scandinavia.

The event, whose official title is the 2011 KIA @ Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, began on September 12th and thus just before the remnants of tropical storm "Katia" hit the West Coast of Denmark. The event is supported by Thisted, Sport Event Denmark, Region Nordjylland and Villages Action for Thy-Mors. It is part of a larger tourism venture, which is about making the West Coast in Thy into a center for surfing in Northern Europe.