Cold Hawaii Café... eat, drink and party - during the World Cup

As with the last 3 year’s, the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will have it’s very own cafe/restaurant, in the the old Lifeboat House, by the beach. This year, NASA (the local surf club) will have the responsibility of running the cafe. And this is no easy feat: approx. 400 daily customers, over 200 coffees, 100 slices of cake, 200 lunches and 150 dinners every day, during the whole week! Not only that… there are also 2 parties to be held in the Lifeboat House!! The cafe opens on Saturday 14th, at 12:00, during the Warm-Up Weekend. It will then be open everyday from morning till late evening. The 15th and 19th it will be open late into the night, so you can enjoy and get down, to the sounds of live music and DJs. All the people involved and working in the cafe, will be local volunteers and members of NASA. And it’s not just during the week of the event that there’s work to be done. The cafe has taken months of planning, with weekends put aside to prep food, discuss menus, find music, find volunteers, etc…

All proceeds go to NASA (Klitmøller surf club) and the money is put back into the local society by supporting the young surfers, buying surf equipment and arranging local events throughout the year, and generally supporting the local community through surf activities.

When you visit the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, from the 14th - 22nd, to catch all the action out on the ocean… then make sure you have time to pop-by the cozy Cold Hawaii Cafe. Enjoy the food, the drinks, the parties, and most of all…. the view out of the window!

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Info about opening times and menu:

Saturday, September 14th 12:00 - 22.00: lunch, coffee, dinner, music Sunday 10:00 - 22:00: lunch, coffee & cake, dinner Monday - Saturday, 16th - 21st 10:00 - 22.00: lunch, coffee & cake, dinner Sunday 10:00 - 16:00: lunch, coffee & cake


Party programme:

Saturday, Sept 14th, 22:00 to 02:00: Paaarty in da Boathouse! Thursday, Sept 19th, 22:00 to 02:00: Paaarty in da Boathouse! Friday, Sept 20th, 22:00 to 03:00: Paaarty in da Bay, Klitmøller! Saturday, Sept 21st, 22:00 to 03:00: Paaarty in da Bay, Klitmøller!

For more info about the parties, visit the Cold Hawaii Penguin facebook page...



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Saturday: Marinated turkey with potatoes, salad and bread (from Café Conrad) - 120 dkk Sunday: Fish soup with rice and bread - 100 dkk Monday: Porchetta with corn risotto and beetroot salad - 100 dkk Tuesday: Simon Jul Surprise - 100 dkk Wednesday: Cod dish with rice and salad - 100 dkk Thursday: Indian spiced chicken with rice, salad and bread - 100 dkk Friday: Roast pig on a spit with side dishes - 120 dkk Saturday: Buffet with local dishes - 120 dkk


Lørdag: Marineret kalkun med kartofler og salat samt brød - kr 120,- (fra Cafe Conrad) Søndag: Fiskesuppe med ris og brød - kr. 100,- Mandag: Porchetta (rullesteg) med kornotte og rødbedesalat - kr. 100,- Tirsdag: Simon Jul Surprise - kr. 100,- Onsdag: Torsk i fad med ris og salat - kr. 100,- Torsdag: Indisk kylling med ris, salat og brød - kr. 100,- Fredag: Helstegt pattegris med tilbehør - kr. 120,- Lørdag: Buffet med lokale egnsretter - kr. 120,-