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BSP INTERVIEW - PRE WORLD CUP 2013 An interview with Florian Gebbert of BSP (Big Sexy Pictures) media group. These guys have been producing the media for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, since it started back in 2010. Their amazing Daily Podcasts, with highlights, are released everyday during the competition, on our YouTube channel. To get all the Daily Podcasts, hot off the press throughout the event - subscribe to YouTube channel, today!  In this interview, we learn more about the crew behind the camera, and their passion for their work and Klitmøller! Read on….

Hi Florian. Hope all is well, and you’ve had a good year, since we last saw each other.

1. BSP has been with us from the beginning. Recording, producing and releasing film data of the whole event, each year, from day one! Are you guys looking forward to it, again, this year?

Yeah for sure. The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is always a very special date on our production schedule, for the whole team! We are very happy that the cup up there is kind of established now. So something we can look forward to every year.

2. I know you work hard on improving your filming and images, all the time, from event to event. What's going to be new and exciting at this year's KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, for the viewers?

What we can show always depends a bit on the conditions we get. But as Klitmøller delivered all years so far, then I'm sure we’ll have sick sailing again. Equipment wise - we will shoot more high speed slowmotions, also from the water. We worked on mounts and stabilized camera systems for nature shots etc. But the main difference will be that we have our dedicated cutter, Nils Bade (who spent night after night on the editing, the last years) on the camera this year. So fresh eyes on action and the whole competition. I`m really looking forward to his pictures!

3. It can get pretty windy up here! What is your biggest challenge when filming in strong, coastal winds?

The wind is always something we can handle. Our equipment is chosen to still do good stuff in high winds. We have a lot of experience, also from the Red Bull Storm Chase. More problems come always with heavy rain falls. You have to clean your lense all the time and have to check that the cameras get no water inside. But, on the other hand, that`s also an interesting point up there, in Klitmøller. Pure weather. So something we hate and love at the same time!

4. This will be the 4th year covering the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, here in Klitmøller. And you've also done the Red Bull Storm Chase up here, a few years ago. What's so special, for you guys and your work, about Cold Hawaii?

We know the area quite good. We used to sail and surf the place ourselves, since a long time ago. I would say it`s a second home for the whole crew. We love the place for it`s conditions, the nature and the people. That`s why we still have strong motivation to give our best… also in the 4th year!

5. This year, we have a patron of the event - the Crown Prince Frederik. You guys will be doing the coverage, on the day he's here, visiting. How do you feel about that?

Nice new thing. We already produced with him at Nations Cup sailing event, in Middelfart, a month ago. A very sportive and cool guy. Looking forward to jumping in the water with him for some shots ;)

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