Brand new Cold Hawaii building and boardwalk

When the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup kicks off, it will be in surroundings which has changed significantly since last year's event. We’re very proud to present a brand new building. It is located at the tip of Oerhage and will be an awesome centerpiece for the event.

In addition, we present a brand new boardwalk which has dramatically improved the logistics and experience of the area. It stretches all the way from Oerhage to the parking area in front of one of the local surfing shops, West Wind.

Like the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup, the new building and boardwalk are elements of the Cold Hawaii Masterplan, which the local Surf Club NASA developed in the period 2006–2007 with support from the municipality as well as from a number of local businesses.

The new building and boardwalk in Klitmøller is part of the project, “The good life on the coast”, which itself is part of the project, “The Land of Opportunity”. The latter is a six-year partnership project in which Realdania is co-operating with Thisted Municipality, Lolland Municipality and Bornholm Regional Municipality to discover and try out new ways of development.

The total budget is DKK 195 million, of which Realdania is contributing DKK 105 million and the three municipalities DKK 30 million each. The project was introduced in the first quarter of 2007 and will conclude in 2012.

“The good life on the coast” project is based on a combination of nature and a growing, active surfing environment. The project will show how to highlight and develop an unique cultural environment of North Jutland. The goal is to strengthen tourism and encourage more people to settle in the area.

Most surfers visit for shorter or longer periods, but in Klitmøller, about 120 of the town’s approximately 800 residents have moved to the area because of the unique surfing conditions. It is a success story, and has inspired the project partners to select the contribution of the Cold Hawaii Masterplan as one of the project’s achievements.

Photos: Mette Johnsen

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