Be a part of the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup online legacy

We’re very proud to announce that the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup has joined forces with with former Danish now US, San Francisco-based Memolane.

Visit the Cold Hawaii Memolane:

Memolane is the network of networks displaying all your activity on the social networks you use (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) in one place, and adding value to your online presence by making it easy to share your online presence.

Founder of Memolane Eric Lagier: "I am very excited to be partnering with the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup. This is a great event that will surely create a lot of incredible memories for the athletes participating, the fans and spectators, and the PWA. The Cold Hawaii Memolane will chronicle everything that happened during the event, and be a resource to return to for wonderful memories for many years to come."

You can be a part of it the Cold Hawaii Memolane - all you have to do is:

  1. Go to and sign up for Memolane account – it’s easy and free!
  2. Connect your existing social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog, etc.)
  3. Search and find ‘Cold Hawaii’ (NOTE: when you search click on ‘users’)
  4. Friend us :)

We’ll then add you to our shared spectator (Memo)lane which will make it possible for you to effortlessly contribute the legacy of the event.

NOTE from Cold Hawaii: Social media these days means that media plugs into your social graph, your social life, your personal relationships - the social network has now taken the place of the news network, where information is collected and communicated.

The KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup is based on the belief that windsurfing - like any other sport - has to find new ways to benefit from this new dimension.

There's no single solution - there are many and new ones will pop up again and again. In the case of the KIA @coldhawaii PWA World Cup we're trying to bring you a social experience through several channels. One of them is Memolane.

Rasmus Johnsen

Cowork Klitmøller, 84 Ørhagevej, Thisted, 7700, Denmark

I am a philosopher and possess knowledge of new media, that allows people to effectively communicate and organize themselves into systems that are designed to support and profit from collective preferences, intelligence, and talent. I am an entrepreneur and I have several years of experience in managing innovation projects. I have worked with politicians and elected officials, public administration employees, for-profit companies, and NGOs.