[Interview]: A windsurfer can handle pretty much anything in life

Owner of City Lift A/S, Rene Olsen is one of our most enthusiastic sponsors. Rene is a passionate windsurfer and we are fortunate that he has shed his love for the sport on Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. We asked Rene a few questions. How are you personally involved in windsurfing? I’ve been windsurfing as an amateur for 22 years. I love the water and can guarantee that I have as much fun as the pros every time I go out. Maybe I’m better off because I can just go for it without worrying about what the judges think ;) In the many years I’ve been windsurfing, I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life. When I was younger, I traveled with my friends to Klitmøller and other places in Europe in our old vans with old worn-out equipment. Those were times I shall never forget and I would like other young people to give it a go to see what this amazing sport can do for them.

It seems that you like Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii – why? I LOVE Klitmøller. There’s a special vibe up here and the nature is just amazing. It is one of the few windsurfing places I’ve been to where I also like to stay, even if it’s not windy. Up here, I’m met with a smile. The people involved in the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, including all the wonderful volunteers, definitely shed a positive light on Cold Hawaii and position it as one of the best surf spots in Europe

Will you be here during the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup? Yes! I’ll be here and there, taking some pictures for my scrapbook. I’ll socialize with old and new friends – in general just enjoying my vacation. I also hope to be able to participate in the long-distance warm-up event on Saturday, which I think, by the way, is a super cool idea.

What are you most up for? Well, I’m looking forward to the whole event. I hope that there’ll be some action the entire week so that everyone traveling to the area gets a chance to see what Cold Hawaii is all about. You know, perhaps the people coming next week are future (pro) windsurfers or future sponsors of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Beyond that, I just look forward to see all the lovely people.

How is City Lift related to Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii? Based in Copenhagen, City Lift is not directly connected to Klitmøller. To us Cold Hawaii and the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup are just a really good thing not only for Thisted Municipality and Northern Denmark but also for the entire country.

In many ways our involvement in the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is our way of promoting a good cause. I mean for us Cold Hawaii is much more than the PWA World Cup visiting once a year. This type of windsurfing wave conditions found in our part of the world is very rare. We like to think that we share some of this uniqueness in being a sponsor of this event.

Furthermore windsurfing just makes sense for us. Denmark is, after all, surrounded by water. Being a Dane, one is never far away from the sea. We would like to see more young people windsurfing. An event like the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup creates attention and therefore might be the thing that persuades youngsters to start windsurfing. Personally, I think that a young person who can handle a windsurfer can handle pretty much anything in life ;) Finally, we also like the fact that windsurfing is one of the cleanest sports out there.

How, more specifically, is City Lift involved in the event? Because of the distance from Copenhagen to Klitmøller, we only came with stuff that can be loaded onto a single truck. So in addition to providing financial support, we have a medium-sized lift on the event site. We have quite a lot of branding in the area, which is important to us. I doubt you could visit the event without being exposed to our name.

What kind of company is City Lift? City Lift A/S is one of Copenhagen's largest providers of custom solutions for lifts. We employ 16 people. Our main focus is Copenhagen but we like to be involved in projects both nationally and internationally. Recently, we were responsible for delivering a huge engine package for a harbor terminal in Angola.

The company is 48 years old but has managed to stay young and adaptable to circumstances and changes in customers' needs. We market ourselves mostly to small and medium-sized enterprises that value good service at a fair price.

Rasmus Johnsen

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