KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup - prologue 2014

Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is getting closer. On Monday, September 15, the world's top 32 wave performance windsurfers will be ready to challenge each other and – hopefully – the stormy and raging North Sea right here in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii. 

The sailors will arrive in the week leading up to the event. They’ll be here until and including September 21, which is the day the winner of the competition will be crowned. 

We cannot fail to mention that the 32 sailors stand upon the shoulders of the Cold Hawaii family, who are all the people behind the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Besides the sailors and the PWA, there are volunteers from Friends of Cold Hawaii, the NASA Surf Club, the local fishermen’s organization (KLF), sponsors, suppliers, contributors – and you, our audience, who will follow the event in 2014. 

We feel comfortable. History has shown that everyone is doing everything they can to make the event an enjoyable experience for everyone who has an interest in following and participating in it. We feel quite confident that it will happen again this year.

With 16 days to the start, the engine is humming and we’re ready to shift gear. We have put a lot of energy into creating the best possible program this year. At the time of writing, we are still working the case, so more about that later. You can read about it in the event guide. You can also find more about how you can follow the event

The website is where you’ll find the stories of this year's KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014, large and small. We look forward to sharing them with you and hope that you will take this opportunity to visit Klitmøller. 

And remember: everything must be viewed in light of the fact that over the last 12 months, more than ever in the event's history, things have been marked by ups and downs. 

Most remember that 2014 was, indeed, canceled. Only thanks to a group of trusted sponsors, and strong local commitment, did we succeed – in fact, against all expectations. We have managed to arrive at a solution that makes it possible to hold the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in 2014. We’re grateful. 

We are grateful that the journey continues – in 2014.

The board members of the Friends of Cold Hawaii