A week of waiting while absorbing the Cold Hawaii culture

Unfortunately, for the first time in history it was not possible to gain an official result for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup — sponsored by netIP — with the wind and wave gods not quite aligning this time around. 

Over that last 7 year’s Cold Hawaii has developed its reputation as one of Europe’s premier wave sailing locations and although this week may not have produced a result, it still produced plenty of fantastic moments and remains firmly on the windsurfing map.

While waiting for the wind and waves, Moritz Mauch, was able to claim victory in a fun SUP contest, while reigning freestyle world champion — Dieter Van der Eyken — stole the show in the tow-in on the final day.

For a small window on Saturday the wind and waves did pick up which allowed the trials to be completed, but unfortunately conditions deteriorated before it was possible to start the main draw. 

While offering world class windsurfing, Cold Hawaii also has so much more to offer with its tight-knit, family, community making it one of the most welcoming and friendly spots on the tour — with a real sense of togetherness. This combined with Cold Hawaii’s untouched, pristine nature means that it’s a great place to visit even on the rare occasion that the elements fail to play ball. The PWA would like to thank all those involved with the event. 

Current Ranking 2016 PWA Wave World Tour — Men’s 

1st Victor Fernandez (E-42)
2nd Philip Köster (G-44)
3rd Alex Mussolini (E-30)
4th Marcilio Browne (BRA-105)
5th Jaeger Stone (KA-120)
6th Thomas Traversa (F-3)
7th Robby Swift (K-89)
8th Daniel Bruch (G-1181)
9th Adam Lewis (K-516)
10th Josep Pons (E-203)
10th Leon Jamaer (G-208)
10th Jules Denel (FRA-41)